Tuesday Teaching Topic: Mid-Term Edition

This week’s question is short, since you and I both have a mountain of mid-terms to grade.

Are there certain times of the semester where your teaching suffers because of structural elements built into the semester? Mid-terms are an obvious one: we all need to submit grades within the next week. For some, perhaps this is as easy as inserting a stack of scan-trons into a machine, inserting the numbers on blackboard, then transferring those grades to PeopleSoft or whatever newfangled thing we have now. For others, the past two weeks have meant staying up late reading essays, providing commentary, having one’s heart constantly broken by disappointments, then made whole again when we see a struggling student become a determined student and produce something that makes our hearts swell with pride and joy.

Me? I was so busy grading mid-term logic tests over the past couple days, I completely forgot to write a TTT this morning.

Good luck with the rest of the mid-term season, and I’ll see you at Week 10.

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