HWFDW: Summer Reading

During our fabulous local HWFDW (thanks Kristin and Kamran for rocking it!), I hosted a roundtable discussion for faculty to talk about something they had read this summer and it was maybe my favorite session ever. I came with a mess of books to talk about just in case no one showed up, but it turned out that we had more people, books, and recommendations than we could fit in to a measly hour. We probably could have fit more in, but in the middle of talking about the teaching-related book I brought, Claude Steele’s Whistling Vivaldi (about Stereotype Threat), I started to feel a little bit of it myself and rambled on a bit too long (I know, I know–Dave rambling? how can anyone tell the difference?). Anyway, that aside, I came away with exactly what I’d hoped to acquire: a fantastic and widely varied list of readings I’ve never heard of nor seen that sound too tempting to ignore!

And now, in fulfillment of the promise I made various people in the hours and days following (and with the participants’ permission) here is that list!

(Some of) What We Read This Summer

Please Note: Titles with an asterisk (*) were not discussed at the table, but would have been with more time


~Franklin Inojosa (World Language/Humanities)




~Jen Asimow (Child Development)





~Margarita Chavez (World Language)





~Dave Richardson (Humanities)






~Suocai Su (English)




~Erica McCormack (Humanities)





~Adriana Tápanes-Inojosa (Humanities)





~Juan Martinez (Social Science)









~Megan Ritt (English)





~Ivan Tejeda (Art & Architecture)






~Jashed Fakhrid-Deen (Mathematics)







~Jane Regan (Art & Architecture)





~Jeff Swigart (Mathematics)




~Urszula Lechtenberg (Library)




  • Natsuo Kirino Out



~Marcy Rae Henry (Humanities)–submitted via email





Happy reading, all. And remember what Octavia Butler wrote (as passed along by Erica McCormack):

Your teachers

Are all around you.

All that you perceive,

All that you experience,

All that is given to you,

All that you love or hate,

need or fear

Will teach you–

If you will learn.

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