Committee for the Art and Science of Teaching (CAST)

Room 1046

is designated for Faculty to utilize for meetings, training sessions, grading, and more. Currently, regular meetings are held there by CAST, Faculty Council, the Assessment Committee, Curriculum Committee, a few departments, and a host of other sessions.

In order to preserve 1046 as a sort of sanctuary for faculty, we ask that you restrict your meetings to all-faculty events, with a few exceptions. We ask that you use your best judgment. Exceptions include, but are not limited to:

(1) Regular faculty meetings that invite an administrator special guest: eg, Faculty Council and Assessment routinely invite Vice President Sarrafian to speak on a relevant issue. Faculty Council has also begun inviting the Student Senate president to represent the student body.

(2) Training sessions for faculty concerning pedagogical content or technology: eg, a member of OIT showing faculty how to use Blackboard.

All HWC part-time and full-time faculty may schedule events on the CAST calendar so long as they follow the expectations above. If you would like your CAST co-coordinators to schedule your event, please contact Grace Lu at or Rosie Banks at


were a weekly feature from CAST coordinator Kristin Bivens (spring & fall 2016). You can still listen via the CASTpod archive.