HWC Faculty Council


Your current Local HW Faculty Council features:

  • Stephanie Burke, President, Art, 2020.
  • Molly Turner, Vice President, English, 2018.
  • Megan Ritt, Secretary. English, 2019.
  • Adriana Tapanes, Humanities and Music, 2018.
  • Samar Ayesh, Biology, until 2020.

Your District Wide, FC4 Representatives are:

  • Maria Estrada de Jesus, 2018.
  • Adriana Tapanes, 2019.
  • Jes Bader, 2019.
  • Jacqueline Cunningham, through August 2018. (Appointed)

Faculty Council Meets every 3rd Tuesday of the Month from 3:30–5:30pm in Room 1046
Fall 2017 meetings will be held on September 19, October 17, and November 21.

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Harold Washington College Faculty Council Constitution[*]

(Spring, 1991)


The purpose of a Faculty Council is to ensure an institution of the highest academic integrity and pedagogical quality – where faculty are committed to teaching and serving students; where enthusiasm and morale are high; and where faculty professionalism and dedication find full expression, working in harmony with students, staff, and administration to fulfill the mission of the college.

To achieve this purpose, the faculty must be in a strong position to formulate, maintain, and articulate academic policy, and to voice opinions on the factors that influence the performance of the faculty and the academic achievement of the students. The Harold Washington College Faculty Council is hereby established to help execute the faculty’s responsibility and assert the faculty’s authority, to the extent that the legal structure will allow; it shall represent and promote the interests and the good of the faculty and the students, and shall act as the agent of the faculty in protecting and promoting the welfare of the college.


The name of this association of faculty members shall be The Harold Washington College Faculty Council, referred to hereinafter as HWCFC, or as the Council.


Within the limitations imposed by the legal authority of Board of Junior College 508, and excluding all faculty matters governed by the contractual agreement between the Board and the Cook County College Teachers Union, the HWCFC shall have the following powers and responsibilities:


a)    To govern and regulate itself in accordance with this constitution and its bylaws.

b)    To consult with faculty and administration on all matters involving academic policies.

c)    To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between the students, staff, administration and faculty, in support of collegiality and appropriate academic standards.

2.2  The Council shall issue recommendations to administrators, the FCCCC, faculty, or student organizations as appropriate. The HWCFC shall seek adoption of its recommendations by such methods as shall seem appropriate.

2.3  The Council shall be involved in the process of choosing new administrators. For such purpose the Council shall appoint a committee (which committee shall, at the discretion of Council, be either independent of an administrative committee, or part of a joint Council/Administration committee) composed of the Council President, one other member of the council, and one member of the faculty who is not a member of the Council. At its discretion the Council may add additional faculty members to this committee – up until such time the committee first meets.


3.1   The HWCFC shall consist of seven elected members of the faculty, all of whom shall be tenured and currently teaching. Eligibility shall extend to department chairpersons, counselors, librarians, and faculty on special assignments, but not to faculty on sabbatical or leave.

3.2   The term of office of members of the Council shall be three years. Three seats shall be filled in October 1991; two seats in October 1992, and two seats in 1993. Candidates shall not run for specific seats, but the highest vote-getters shall be elected.

3.3   Upon the election of new members to regular terms, which shall begin November 1 following the election, the HWCFC shall choose from among themselves a President, Vice President and Secretary, whose terms of office shall run until the next regular election. Election shall be by majority vote of the members of the Council. In the event that an officer shall leave the Council, Council shall first fill the vacated Council seat, and then elect a new officer.

3.4   Nominations and elections shall be conducted, in accordance with the bylaws, by the sitting Council, unless deposed (cf. §3.5); and if the Council be deposed, the Elections Commission (cf. §4) shall conduct nominations and elections.

3.5   During their terms, individual members shall be immune from recall; but for persistent failure to follow the operating and organizing principles of this Constitution, and/or a failure to execute their duties as stated in the Constitution so that the HWCFC is unable to discharge its functions, all members, and only all members, may be deposed according to the following procedure:

a. A petition demanding the removal of the sitting council shall be signed by at least forty[1] full-time members of the faculty, and such petition shall be presented to the President of the Council, and copies delivered to the mailboxes of the entire faculty.

b. The Council shall then conduct a referendum on the following question: “Shall the sitting Harold Washington College Faculty Council be removed?” Only faculty teaching full-time at Harold Washington College shall vote. Deposition of the Council shall require a majority of affirmative votes, and such majority shall be at least 60 votes[2] or 60% of those voting on the question, whichever is more.

c. If the HWCFC, upon presentation of such petition, fails to conduct a referendum within one month of regular session classes, the Council shall be deposed by default.

d. Upon such deposition of the Council the Elections Commission (cf. §4) shall conduct nominations and elections for seats on the Council; but no deposed member shall be elected to the Council until 14 months shall have elapsed since his or her deposition.

e. Members of the Council elected in an election conducted by the Elections Commission (cf. §4) shall serve for the terms appropriate to the seats they fill, and the highest vote-getters shall be assigned to the seats with, the longest terms.

3.6    The sitting members of the HWCFC may, by vote of at least four members, declare the seat of any of their number vacant after he or she shall have missed two consecutive meetings without adequate excuse. In the event of such vacancy, the unexpired term of the vacated seat shall be filled by the next highest vote getter (of the previous election); if there be none such, or a tie, special election shall be called to fill the unexpired term.


4.1    Beginning in October 1991 and every second year thereafter, the HWCFC shall select randomly seven full-time members of the faculty to serve as an Elections Commission. It shall decide all questions of legality and propriety concerning elections, petitions, candidacies or referenda arising under this Constitution.

a. The Commission shall elect a chairperson, who shall keep a written record of its actions.

b. All meetings of the Commission shall be open to any interested faculty mem­bers.

c. The Commission’s rulings shall be final and binding upon the HWCFC.

d. All rulings of the Commission shall be entered into the minutes of the Council.

e. Members of the Commission shall not have other duties connected with HWCFC unless ad hoc and voluntary.

4.2    Members of the Commission shall be chosen by the Council according to the following procedure.

a. Seven full-time faculty shall be selected in a random drawing and notified in writing, with a request to signify in writing their willingness to serve.

b. If a selected faculty member declines to serve, an additional name or names shall be drawn by the Council, until the position be filled.

c. No member of the Council shall be selected for the Elections Commission.

4.3    Members of the Elections Commission shall normally serve for a term of two years.

a. No faculty member shall serve in two successive terms of the Elections Commission.

b. If a position on the Commission becomes vacant, the Council shall fill the unexpired term immediately in a random drawing.


5.1    The officers of the HWCFC shall be a President, Vice President, and Secretary as selected in accordance with §3.3.

5.2    The President shall preside over all meetings of the council; shall act as chief executive officer, shall represent HWCFC in all circumstances where a representative is required, or designate another member of the council for such purpose; shall represent HWCFC at Board 508 meetings; shall provide for HWCFC functions during summer and any other periods when the college is not officially in session; shall convene the Council as its business shall require; shall serve as archivist of HWCFC records; and shall perform such other functions as instructed by the Council.

5.3    The Vice President shall serve as President in the absence of the President; but if the office of President should become vacant during a term, the Vice President shall not automatically accede, and the Council shall choose a new President

5.4    The Secretary shall keep and maintain minutes of HWCFC meetings; shall distribute draft copies of the minutes to members; and shall distribute approved copies of the minutes to all faculty members.

5.5    The HWCFC may add to the duties and responsibilities of any of its officers at its discretion; may create committees ad hoc and appoint any appropriate person as a member; and may confer authority on any of its members for any purpose.


6.1     The HWCFC shall hold at least one regular meeting per month during the fall and spring semesters.

6.2     Not less than one half of the membership shall constitute a quorum.

6.3     Special or additional meetings may be called by the the[†] Council President or by three members of HWCFC.

6.4     The general faculty shall be notified by the President of the HWCFC 48 hours in advance of all regular meetings of the HWCFC and be given as much advance notice of special meetings as possible. Notices of meetings shall include an agenda as complete as possible; but such agenda shall not limit the deliberations of the meeting. Meetings of the HWCFC shall be open to any interested faculty observers except as in §6.7.

6.5   Individual members of the faculty may ask for a meeting in their own behalf on some issue of special concern. The HWCFC, by majority vote of those present at a regular or special meeting, shall decide the appropriateness of such a meeting.

6.6   The approved minutes of the HWCFC shall be the official record of its decisions and its will; and all actions of the HWCFC shall be recorded in its minutes. The approved minutes of the HWCFC shall be available for inspection to any faculty member on request to the President

6.7   Meetings of the HWCFC shall ordinarily be open to any faculty member; any action taken shall be recorded in the minutes and shall be public. Closed sessions may be held at the discretion of the HWCFC; deliberations of the Council in closed meetings may be recorded in the minutes only by unanimous consent of the full Council, but all actions taken shall be recorded in the minutes.


For its own procedural guidance, and to advise the general faculty of its customary procedures, the HWCFC may establish bylaws to determine standard operating procedures.

7.1   A bylaw proposed at a meeting shall not be voted upon until a following meeting at least two weeks later. Such bylaws shall be adopted by majority vote of those present.

7.2   No bylaw already established shall be revoked or altered until the change shall have been approved by majority vote at two consecutive meetings separated by at least two weeks.

7.3    No bylaw shall contradict this constitution.


8.1     On its own initiative, or by petition of forty1 of the full-time members of the faculty, the HWCFC shall conduct referenda of the faculty in accordance with procedures established by HWCFC.

8.2     Referenda shall be held within a reasonable time after die presentation of a petition (i.e. with sufficient time for study, but so as not to unreasonably delay action).


9.1    This Constitution shall be deemed ratified by a referendum of all faculty teaching full-time at Harold Washington College. Ratification shall require a majority of affirmative votes, and such majority shall be at least 60 votes2 or 60% of those voting on the question, whichever is more,

9.2    Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by a majority of the HWCFC, or by petition signed by at least 25 members of the faculty; and such proposed amendment shall be published to the faculty at least two weeks before a referendum of the whole full-time faculty. Proposed amendments shall, for passage, require a majority of affirmative votes, and such majority shall be at least 60 votes or 60% of those voting on the question, whichever is more.

[*] This electronic version of the HWCFC Constitution was transcribed by Tom Higgins, HWCFC Secretary, on 19 February 2006.  In order to create this copy, a printed version of the original Constitution was scanned, converted into a Microsoft Word Document by Optical Character Recognition, reformatted, and proofed in reference to the original scanned copy.  All errors in this transcription are the fault of Tom Higgins.

[†] Repetition of the word “the” is present in the original version of the HWCFC Constitution from which this electronic version was transcribed.  Tom Higgins, HWCFC Secretary, 19 February 2006.

[1] The number forty (40) was chosen to avoid disputes over percentages; it represents between 20 and 25 percent of the number of full-time faculty at the time this constitution was approved (Spring, 1991).

[2] The number sixty (60) is meant to ensure reasonable attention by the faculty while avoiding disputes over percentages of the full-time faculty. At the time of adoption of this constitution, Harold Washington College had three seats in the FCCCC (which allows one seat per fifty full-time faculty); hence, the faculty is between 150 and 200 in number. The average of these figures is 175, and 60 represents about a third (actually, about 34%) of this number – this was deemed to be reasonable.