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Hi All,

I have some items of interest to report, gleaned from communications from District, the 11th floor and from other faculty and staff. There are many things being discussed but these are some highlights. If you know something which should be highlighted, let me know!

  • Reinvention 7
  • Federal Financial Aid Restrictions
  • New Hires for Fall 2013
  • Class time Audit
  • Copier/printer issues

For specifics, read on!


Department Chairs Meeting – February 2012

The purpose of this post is to let HWC faculty know what was discussed at the Chairs Meeting. You should contact or meet with your department chair for details and the full report.

February 3, 2012 – This was our first meeting of the semester and it was led by our new Dean of Instruction, Armen Sarrafian. Several invited guests were in attendance and the two-hour exchange of words and ideas went rather fast. I will not get into all the details in hopes that faculty will seek dialogue with their department chairs. Here then is a brief summary of the morning in the President’s conference room:

  1. Don Laackman shared a few words with the Chairs. As he approaches his first full year at the college, Don stated his appreciation for all the Chairs do at HWC. He also thanked Armen for all he has done to date. He also stated that District is focused on graduation rates and if I remember correctly, he stated that we currently have approximately 1600 students with 45 credits or more attending this semester.
    Don told the Chairs that we should start thinking about our budgets for the 2012-2013 academic year. He asked that we think big while considering our economy.
    Don mentioned that the new chair of our Board of Trustees, Paula Wolff, is one of his former professors.
    Don shared a few words about College to Careers and how OH and MX have a focus on careers. I’ll save you the details and ask that you read about it here.
  2.  Irene Castañeda introduced herself to the Chairs. Her title is Director, Career Planning and Economic Development. For more information go here.
  3. Ephrem had a few words to share regarding Blackboard training and CAST. I’ll let the emails from him and CAST speak for themselves.
  4. Brandon Pendelton told us that special assignments will need justifications and the approvals will be given by Craig Lynch. All special assignment justifications should be tied to Reinvention Goals and should have measurable outcomes. Armen (or was it John Metoyer) mentioned that most of our justifications fall under Goal 2. Go here to see the 4 Goals.
  5. Will Edwards, our Assistant Director, Research and Planning let us know that we can (and should) work with him to seek any and all kinds of data. Sorry, he doesn’t have a web page yet. Therefore, no link. (Sorry Will, I tried.)
  6. Last but not least, John Metoyer, our tireless VP, told us to check our webpages and report any errors to him via email. (I would recommend that you copy your Chair on these emails. I say this because just this week I received an email to participate in an online training session related to our website. I believe that after this training session, Chairs might have some control over the content of their respective department pages. More to follow as needed. Check with your Chair.)
    John also mentioned that vetting of faculty will now happen at the local level.
    Credentialing of faculty will be provisional for one semester on a course-by-course basis. The way I understood it, if Chairs want a faculty member (full-time or adjunct) to teach a course that they know the faculty member is capable of teaching, then they will be granted an opportunity to teach it for that one semester. During that semester, evaluations will take place to confirm that said faulty member is in fact credentialed to teach the course.
    Regarding linked classes, we were told that PeopleSoft is not able to do this. (My mind wandered to the talented individuals that walk among us; those individuals that have a knack for programing and how they could easily solve this problem. I just recently saw The Social Network so forgive the transgression of the mind.)
    John also brought to our attention that a handful of faculty piloted a new registration system of calling students. Long story short, the program was well recieved by faculty and it will roll-out for all faculty in the Fall. Expect to sit at your desks calling students during open registration. There will be documentation to complete so that we can keep track of our success with this new system. (For the long story, see your department chair or ask a member from your department that was part of this pilot program to share their experience with you.)

Those were the invited guests and their items of information. Here then are the informational items from our Dean of Instruction:

  1. Assistant Dean, George Bickford informed us that Adjunct Assignment paperwork is due February 15th. I believe this is the sheet the adjuncts sign to indicate their availability for the upcoming semester. This year instead of two sheets, one with instructions and the other with the form, there will be one double-sided sheet.
  2. Our Dean creatively solved the need to meet with Chairs twice a month. We will continue to meet on the first Friday of every month as a group. (I’ll do my best to post summaries on The Lounge.) For the second meeting, he will meet with each Chair individually to discuss specific department issues.
  3. Regarding registration information, there is new adjunct access to myfaculty.ccc.edu for final grade input. I’m not sure what this means, so I’ll let another Chair elaborate on this.
    The Day One class list is no more.
    There will no longer be notifications regarding final grades. This means you will not receive an email from PeopleSoft letting you know that a class list has been generated. You will be expected to know that final grades are due on your own. (I’ll rely on Dave’s Sunday night postings to remind me of this deadline.)
  4. Lobby security. It’s coming. Armen showed us a brochure of what these devices may look like. Radar will detect our ID’s as we pass between the devices. The technology and device may change, but we are moving to have this level of security installed in the near future.
  5. Budget talk. We were asked to submit all purchases by April 15th. Yes, the fiscal year ends in June, but we only have until mid-April to get what we need for the remainder of the Spring semester and the start of the Summer session.
    We were told that our college is looking into giving Chairs a monthly budget report.
  6. Tenure. There are changes pending and updates will be coming soon from our Dean of Instruction and our VP. For those of you non-tenured faculty members reading this, I wish I had more information. I know it is a nervous and stressful time for you, but I am confident that our Dean and VP will guide you towards the tenure track safely.
  7. Summer schedules were due last week and we are now moving to schedule classes for the Fall. Check with your Chairs.
  8. New copiers are here and the old copiers should be gone at some point. It appears there is only one new copier per floor and this presents a problem where there are two departments per floor. Apparently there was a lack of communication between parties that led us to this problem. Unfortunately, District is not ordering any new copiers.

That was about it. We ran out of time to discuss rotation points and smart classroom completion as stated on the agenda. The meeting was productive. If any Chairs care to revise or append, feel free to leave comments. Thanks in advance.

Department Chairs Meeting – November 2011

The purpose of this post is to let HWC faculty know what was discussed at the Chairs Meeting. You should contact or meet with your department chair for details and the full report.

My apologies for not posting notes from previous meetings. In the process of getting these notes finished and posted, Michal sent all the chairs a copy of her notes and asked if we can post on The Lounge. Here then are Michal’s notes (my notes/commentary in parenthesis):

  1. Work plans: Donyel wants an update of progress on these plans in particular as they relate to:
  • Active learning strategies
  • STEM
  • Adjunct mentoring
  • Department peer review process
  • Department programs and concentrations
  1. Lobby Redevelopment: The district is planning to redesign the lobby of HW in order to improve security.  Look out for a survey coming to your email box soon. (Rosie distributed copies of the lobby floor plan with proposed turnstile locations. Stop by if you want to see it or check with your department chair. If a department chair is unable to attend, a delegate may take his/her place at the December 8th meeting.)
  2. Business cards: Reinvention=new logo=new business cards.  Many at the meeting mentioned that they had a full box of cards in their desks.  John Metoyer will be sending out an email shortly with ordering information. (The cost of the new business cards will come out of department budgets.)
  3. College web pages:  They will be up soon, but no date was offered. (Sorry Dave.)
  4. Credentials approvals:  There is a new system for vetting candidates.  Chairs should continue sending their info. to Sandra in the VP’s office, but new process should ensure a more rapid turn around. ( The credentials will now go to two email addresses instead of one.)
  5. Rotation points:  Please check your points to make sure that you sent Donyel totals.
  6. Prerequisites:  We must go by what the district has put forth for the time being. (I encourage you to go to my.ccc.edu and check the course catalog for any discrepancies. Somehow, in our department, a prerequisite was added by mistake which will affect Spring enrollment.)
  7. Rooms (assignments and reservations):  The district is now using our space for meetings, etc., and the school rents out room from time to time.  This means that if your teachers tend to reserve the labs on the 4th floor, they should book them now for the spring semester. (As Donyel mentioned, when we are asked to submit schedules, the sooner we do so the better because it secures the room. Otherwise, the longer we wait, the more we give District an opportunity to take the rooms away from our students.)
  8. Post-tenure Evals:  Since Donyel is stepping down as Dean, if faculty in your department want to have the final meeting with her, they should schedule it soon.  Her last day is the last day of classes.
  9. Dept. Coordinators:  There is a lot of discrepancy regarding release time and stipends.  Some coordinators get the former, and some the latter.  Faculty at the meeting asked for clarification on this matter. (I’ll be attending our local procurement meeting December 2nd in hopes of obtaining clarification. By the way, the District presentation on Procurement raised more questions than answers; apparently we’ve had a travel agent of choice for the past 3 years. Who knew?)
  10. Beck’s:  Make sure all book orders are in.  It is a good idea for each dept. to also provide Hector with a chart or list of classes and books.
  11. (Registration – Mr. Brown provided us with an update on Spring registration. So far, according to Mr. Brown’s unofficial numbers, 1,500 students have already registered. Faculty will do less sitting and talking with students, and more standing and assisting students with self-enrollment during open enrollment week.)
  12. (CDL – Marcia Turner reported that CDL is likely making the move to Dawson Tech- they need for more space. We should have a CDL campus rep; the name of the individual is on CDL’s website. I’ve not had time to do the research.)
  13. (We all thanked Doyel for her assistance as our Dean of Instruction and wished her well on her return to the classroom next semester.)

That’s all for now. If any Chairs care to revise or append, feel free to leave comments. THANK YOU MICHAL!

Chairs Meeting – September 2011

Hi all,

I just want to give you a quick summary of what occurred at our September 9, 2011 Chairs Meeting (sorry to be a bit late, I left the college on Friday without my notes). There was no particular order to the discussion of topics, as you’ll note below.

The meeting began at 9:30am

  1. New Admins were introduced. Kent Lusk was introduced as the new Andy. Will Edwards was introduced as the new Keenan.
  2. We then proceeded to have a 45 minute discussion with representatives from Beck’s. Hector was present. John Mazar, General Manager, and Patrick Olson, Marketing & Development, rounded out the trio. A hand-out with ‘Problems Experienced’ with Becks was made available (I believe by John Metoyer). There was a lot of Q&A between HWC members and Beck’s members. John Gazar concluded that we need to have more communication based on the concerns that were voiced. It appeared that Beck’s wants to resolve our problems.
  3. Rooms for the Spring semester are being allocated. Talk to Vince if you need to reserve space in room 404 for your class. Give him advanced notice.
  4. Keep your office hours. There was no elaboration on this point. It just had to be said so we would communicate it with our faculty.
  5. Your syllabi need to be on Blackboard. Audits from District will be coming. (Chairs only need to be responsible for informing faculty, but we are not the syllabi police; that’s where District comes in. You’ve been informed.)
  6. There is a move to have TWO Chairs meetings per month. Thank you to one of the Chairs for requesting we make the second meeting virtual in nature. HWC admin was supportive of the idea.
  7. This should be 6a: If needed departments should think about having more than one meeting a month in order to disseminate information. Read between the lines; if information is flowing, then regular meetings are fine.
  8. We were informed that we might have our own Spring schedule instead of the ONE CCC schedule. We’ll know more soon.
  9. Mention was made about some departments not having program coordinators. Admin will look into the matter per input from faculty as to the role of coordinators.
  10. John Hader gave a quick plug for ‘Community College Teaching and Learning’. I think we’ve seen the emails. If you have time, take advantage of the opportunity.
  11. As Dave mentioned in an earlier post, John Metoyer introduced the KPI/PBF slideshow to the Chairs. Performance Based Funding is here to stay. From what I understand, we, faculty, have an opportunity to give input and direction. (Per a post that I have yet to create regarding lunch with the Chancellor, I’m learning that our input will make a difference.) However, we need to be involved and we are being asked to participate. This is good news. Like it or not, this will determine our funding.
  12. John Metoyer mentioned that Mike Davis was suppose to join us and talk about departmental web pages. That discussion was, for the most part, tabled.
  13. Brandon made a visit to inform us of… ETHICS TRAINING! The ‘portal’ opens Monday (that’s today). Brandon wanted chairs to tell faculty that the training is ‘required for employment’ instead of using the M-word (mandatory).
  14. The District download date for the schedule is October 9, 2011. If there are any concerns with having the same bland schedule that we had for Spring, John asked that we send him our concerns. (I recommend you forward concerns to your chairs as soon as possible.)
  15. Chairs were reminded that they need to be in their offices during open registration. If chairs are not available, there needs to be a point-person so students receive immediate assistance.
  16. Credentials are becoming less of an issue.
  17. Email any pros and cons regarding this semester’s registration process to all of the following individuals: President, Vice-President, Dean of Student Services and Dean of Instruction.
  18. ALL CCC employees and students need to have their IDs by September 16. I’m not sure what will happen if you miss the deadline.
  19. The new format for the business cards is out. We’re not sure who gets to order and pay for updated cards.
  20. George Bickford has set a goal for himself to conduct 100 adjunct evaluations. Chairs can request that George evaluate specific faculty. George promised to give notice to faculty and to not evaluate after week 14.
  21. Marcia Turner from CDL made her regular visit. No major news.

Meeting adjourned shortly after 11:30am.

Per my convoluted notes, that’s all have. If other Chairs heard otherwise or took better notes, feel free to append. Thanks.

The Big Reinvention Reveal

I thought I’d provide this update to all of our faculty members for following reasons:

1. We did not have a department chairs meeting this month, so this post takes the place of that post.

2. I attended and I don’t mind sharing my observations. That’s what The Lounge is all about.

3. I believe transparency is critical.

What follows is my take on yesterday’s event: The big Reinvention Reveal (the title is per PhiloDave’s Reinquestion post) at MX. These are my facts mixed in with my reinquestions and other remarks. They are in chronological order, as best as I remember, with exception to the hour-long Q&A where there was a lively discussion (and comments are certainly out of order, but the general ideas are present). Corrections by those who were present are welcomed (and encouraged).

  1. We met in the cafeteria on the 2nd floor at 9:00am.
  2. The agenda was presented to us by Alvin Bisarya and it stated the same as this earlier post.
  3. One faculty member raised the question/concern, prior to dispersing for the Gallery Walk, that we would not be coming back to meet as a group to discuss the task force findings and recommendations. The answer was that this was the only time we would be together,  so thanks to this faculty member, an impromptu hour-long informal discussion ensued regarding the following topics:
    1. What will happen with these recommendations? How do we (CCC faculty) know the means by which they will be presented to the District and then be accepted or rejected? What will the justification be for accepting or rejecting recommendations?
    2. How do we know that our voice is being heard in ALL reinvention matters?
    3. How will we know that reinvention is a process that does take all “stakeholders” into consideration and NOT end up like the school color decision in which faculty were not considered before making choices. [At this point Alvin clearly stated that Reinvention had nothing to do with color selections and that he needs us to make sure we spread the word.]
    4. We were told by Alvin that all of the recommendations would not and could not be implemented immediately and that decisions had to be made as to how the recommendations would be prioritized. Because Reinvention was an ongoing process, this matter was still open and no definitive answer was available yet. Alvin mentioned that some recommendations could be made district-wide, others were more suited to individual campuses, but how they would be implemented was still not clear. We were told that this is why we had been invited to the day’s events so that we could provide feedback.
    5. Other faculty members wanted to know if the PowerPoint slides (from the opening remarks) could be made available on CCC’s website. [Alvin said he’d look into the matter.]
    6. There was concern that District would still do what District wanted to do regardless of our feedback.
    7. One faculty member mentioned that there was a lack of trust and communication between District and faculty and that these were the contributing factors to all of the above comments.
    8. I spoke up and asked if it were possible to vote on certain recommendations IF the District was unsure on how to proceed. The matter went back and forth and I mentioned that if District was unsure of what should be prioritized, then a vote could be helpful. [Alvin considered the matter, but was not willing to fully accept the idea. With that said, I do want to personally thank Alvin for giving me a good 45 minutes of his time during the Gallery Walk to further discuss the idea of the vote. I respect him for listening and understanding what I meant by a vote and how, if done the right way, about certain matters, it would empower the faculty, staff, and students of CCC AND it would give us a measured voice in the Reinvention process; more so than with what is happening now with the Reinvention blog. My apologies to a couple of faculty members who waited patiently while I spoke with Alvin.]
    9. A question was asked about what would happen to the Task Forces over the summer. There was an indication that some members would stay on, but there was a push to get new members. The follow-up question was how the new members would build on what the old members had accomplished. The answer was that all of the Task Force members were creating binders of information and leaving paper trails behind.
    10. The invitation to apply (once again) for the upcoming semester was made by Alvin and Scott.
    11. There was more back and forth discussion but I’ll let other participants fill in the void.
    12. I counted about 75 people in the cafeteria while we were in the midst of the discussion. A handful of HWC folks were present.
    13. I was, and still am, unclear as to why we were providing feedback. The task force members did their work. They made findings and recommendations. We provide feedback at the 11th hour. It was my understanding that the task forces would be making presentations to the District/Chancellor this coming week. How can our recommendations be fully included at this late stage? I didn’t have time to ask, but I am concerned.
  4. The same faculty member who started the informal discussion, asked that we proceed to the Gallery Walk to see the hard work of the rask Force members.
  5. I did not have an opportunity to visit all the Task Force tables due to my talk with Alvin. The boards looked informative. [Personally, I questioned if this was the best way to transmit task force findings, but given the short amount of time task force members had to prepare for the event AND given that Reinvention leaders were not going to have this event until a later date, I left the question alone. I was both glad and concerned that this meeting was made possible by the efforts of faculty councils and that Reinvention had not considered this a priority before the Spring semester came to an end.]
  6. We were asked by Scott (?) and Alvin to leave Sticky Note comments on the boards as part of our feedback.
  7. It was good to see the interactions of faculty and task force members during this Gallery Walk.
  8. Break-out sessions
    1. I attended two sessions, per the agenda.
    2. Session one was related to Faculty Development. A draft related to PAL (Principal Advocate in Learning) and TAP (Tenure Assistance Program) Seminars was made available. Stop by my office if you want to see it. [I told Franklin that I was concerned with the fact that per the draft, non-tenured/newly hired faculty were still being burdened with too many portfolio requirements AND a 15 hour teaching load.]
    3. Another faculty member raised the concern about one single solution for all new hires especially in the area of the 15 grad hours of courses needed. The point was that some faculty already come with terminal degrees and it would help to have track options.
    4. The question was asked as to who, according to the draft would mentor new faculty? Would they receive a stipend or release time?
    5. Session two was related to technology. Not as many faculty were present since we had exceeded the allotted time.
    6. The task force members spoke of using technology to assist all students.
    7. They thought of perhaps finding a way to provide laptops, or tables, or other technology to students since some may not have computers at home.
    8. My concern was that this would become the new i-pass of the future and that we should increase open lab hours instead of subsidizing an electronic device for students.
  9. Scott came around to inform us that time was up. Poster boards were gathered and that was that.
  10. The task Force members were glad to see us. I heard more than once that we are always welcome to stop by the 6th floor offices if we wanted to know more. That was encouraging.
  11. I also heard more than once from faculty how they had no idea how much Task Force members had done over the past 15 weeks. Task Force members were somewhat shocked that we didn’t know how much they were doing on the 6th floor. As one faculty member stated, ‘we have a void in communication’. I couldn’t agree with him more after the day’s events ended.
  12. Faculty consistently asked, “How come this information isn’t up on CCC’s website?”
  13. I was left feeling ambivalent as to where we go from here. I was also left with the impression that this event needed more time to be planned out better. The idea was good. The execution was not; but that is just ONE faculty member’s opinion. I’ll let others weigh in.
  14. As I write this today, I’m still wondering: How will our verbal and written comments affect the final recommendations? If anything amazing or remarkably insightful was said or written, would I, as a Task Force member, go back to the drawing board and reinvent my final recommendation that will be made to the District in a matter of days?

A BIG THANK YOU to our local administration, specifically our Dean of Instruction for recognizing the importance of this meeting and canceling our scheduled May Chairs meeting. Thanks Donyel!

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the Task Force members who approached their task force responsibilities with such dedication and responsibility. Proof was in the pudding. If only ALL faculty, staff and students could see your work via CCC’s website.

Department Chairs Meeting – April 2011

The purpose of this post is to let HWC faculty know what was discussed at the Chairs Meeting. You should contact or meet with your department chair for details and the full report.

Here’s the synopsis:

  1. Reinvention was the first item on the agenda. We were told that this should be the first topic of discussion at our meetings.
  2. A repor from DAC was given regarding how to provide assistance to students. A survey was also distributed. Department Chairs were asked to make copies and distribute to faculty. DAC needs our feedback.
  3. Ewa, our OIT Dean, introduced a new “rationale” form that needs to be included when requesting IT purchases. The form was developed by a Dean at one of the other City Colleges and has been adopted District-wide (for now).
  4. Our new president, Don Laackman was in attendance. We had a mini-forum with some good Q&A.
  5. We were given a list with HWC departments and names showing who had (and who had not) made their Blackboard courses available.
  6. I had to leave at 11:00am to attend the President’s Forum.
  7. From what I understand the meeting ended shortly thereafter; before 11:30am.

There was one department chair taking better notes. When I get the copy of those notes I will note my errors and omissions. For now, I invite any department chair to make corrections and fill in any missing information.

Department Chairs Meeting – March 2011

With verbal permission from the current department chairs, I am posting notes from today’s department chairs’ meeting.

The purpose of this post is to let HWC faculty know what was discussed. You should contact or meet with your department chair for details and the full report.

Here’s the synopsis:

  1. Ewa Lick was in attendance and asked all department chairs to schedule a meeting with her this coming Monday to discuss departmental IT needs.
  2. John Hader reported on the new zero-budget model that will be used for the upcoming 2012 fiscal year. All chairs will complete the Departmental Annual Planning Form that is due March 9, 2011.
  3. Discussion of full-time faculty needing SLO’s in all their syllabi.
  4. Discussion of all full-time faculty needing to have syllabi posted on Blackboard.
  5. Summer booklists due March 18, 2011
  6. The need for all full-time faculty to post office hours and maintain these hours.
  7. ONE, UNIFIED, CCC Summer AND Fall 2011 schedule to be printed and available to ALL CCC students.
  8. Armen Sarrafian gave a presentation regarding rotation points. (Very well received. David Richardson’s name came in conversations as a good role model to follow regarding confidentiality issues)
  9. Dr. Marcia Turner, Dean of CDL was in attendance to answer our CDL related questions and concerns.
  10. Coming Spring 2012 ONE, UNIFIED, CCC Scheduling Grid (Section E wil now designate “Early” Classes, Section H will now designate “Hybrid” Classes. Section Z will meet Sundays)

If I missed any points, or have erred in my facts, I humbly invite corrections.