First Day (Unsolicited) Advice

For Them (Seven is a winner on the come out roll):

  1. On studying
  2. On the right mindset
  3. About grades
  4. On their purpose and motivations
  5. On the Usefulness of Useless Knowledge
  6. On failing
  7. On Metacognition (my students have reported this one as being particularly enlightening)


For You (this list goes to 11):

  1. On clothing
  2. On syllabus revisions
  3. On teaching community college students (for those who haven’t)
  4. More on clothing
  5. General platitudes
  6. About grades
  7. Tricks for convincing students that you have “psychic powers”
  8. Keep hope alive!
  9. For those of us who teach writing
  10. On failing
  11. A speech you might give (with revisions)

What else have you got?