Poetry Project

It’s April, which means it’s National Poetry Month (did you order your free poster already?), and that means that everyone should take the opportunity (if you don’t do so regularly) to get some poetry into your life.

You’ll be glad you did.

To help you along, I’m going to leave this thread up at the top all week for people to post the name (or first line or famous line) and author (if you know it) of a poem you love. Note that it does not have to be your favorite poem; it does not have to be, even, a great poem; you need not explain (though you can if you wish) why you love it or what you love about it; you do not have to include a link, but you are welcome to do so (and if any of you want to tack on a link to a cool version of someone else’s choice, please feel free). The idea here is to give other people a chance to find a poem that they might love or enjoy or that, at least, someone else (other than the poet) has loved.

I’ll start it off with a poem that seems appropriate given that the poet just recently passed, leaving an amazing body of work behind her, and the whole Titanic thing happening all over, somewhat bafflingly (to me).

Anyway, it’s called, “Diving Into the Wreck” by Adrienne Rich.