Collegial Consent for Spirit Lifting Only

Michael Heathfield, the one and only Michael Heathfield, sent  the following to me with a request to post it in order to gather input from anyone willing to offer some, and I am only too happy to, belatedly, oblige in the hopes of seeing a good old-fashioned, English style cod-walloping gobsmack of a rant with a bunch of words I’ve never seen in that particular order (or at all)! And so, here you go. Help the man out:

My birthday has passed and my delusion that I was going to gracefully glide towards retirement has gone. I have a stack of grading at my side, some of the best students ever, a poor old dog who will not be with us much longer, and a fast approaching publisher deadline. I have long subscribed to the belief that humor in the face of adversity is a much-needed skill. So I am going to practice it…

My survival strategy (meaning avoidance) is to ask my unbelievably stellar HWC compadres which distracting activity would lift our communal spirits more? I have the urge to write a small piece for the Harold Lounge but I am not sure quite where to start or where to go. Those of you who know me will understand this is why I don’t drive.

I have a tempting palate of posting possibilities but have been told by colleagues, too many times, to cut the words and focus. So I want to enlist your support and guidance as to which one should actually exist (cue catalogue floating out of view). Dave is brilliant at handling the technology of electronic voting, so I trust he can help in this respect. Here are my imaginary posting headlines as I seek democratic community consent as to which one should exist in our realities:

I invented seven to symbolically represent the individually accredited institutions that make up our system and then added one for District. I never said I wasn’t clever! Molly Turner will no doubt explore with me my overuse of the exclamation mark when I try to slip into journalistic mode!

Please join me in my spiritually uplifting task and take a little time to vote. Let’s hope we can have a turnout over 35%! I promise to get Dave to post the winning article before the end of the year when, regardless of the consequences, a Mexican margarita has my name on it. Again. Again.

Mike Heathfield

More on Technology: Campus Gossip

I thought this was a really interesting story about the intersection of people, places, anonymity, commerce, and reputation (coin of the realm!).

It would make a great play, I think.

HERE’s the article; here’s a snippet:

Matt Ivester became notorious on campuses across the country in 2007 for publishing gossip­—not about celebrities but about students—on Juicy-Campus, the Web site he created. The site was blocked by some colleges, banned by several student governments, and threatened with legal action by several students who claimed that defaming comments on the site had inflicted emotional damage.

Now, in an ironic twist, the young man who stubbornly hosted reputation-harming comments on a Web site despite student complaints is looking to reinvent himself as an adviser to help students clean up their online reputations.


Leadership Reading

Just in case you’re out there looking for some reading on leadership–maybe you’re thinking about running for chair next year, or applying for a Deanship, or maybe you’re a new muckety muck of some sort or other , I’ve run across a couple of things in the last few weeks that might be interesting:

~This one is about how leaders can avoid bad advice–it’s written for President’s but it’s true, from my experience, for Chairs as well as anybody who leads anybody in any regard (as a bonus, there’s some quality advice in the comments, too);

~And this is a list of books on leadership put together by some people from The Washington Post. The only one I can say anything knowledgeable about is the one by Joseph Badarocco, who teaches Business Ethics at Harvard. I’ve read some of his other stuff and found it to be interesting and well done. I don’t know the book listed, but I’d venture to guess that it isn’t terrible. If anyone has read any of the others, please put something in the comments.

More on 2011 Commencement Ceremonies

In case you were wonderin’ what to do on that District-Wide Commencement Wednesday with your classes AND those Final Exams…

Per CCC email (cut-and-paste):


March 8, 2011

Re: Spring 2011 Commencement Ceremony Participation

Dear Faculty:

As you know, for the first time in recent City Colleges of Chicago history, all seven City Colleges will come together to honor our Associate degree completers at a district-wide spring commencement ceremony.   

The ceremony will take place on:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.

University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion

525 S. Racine Ave., Chicago, IL

(Overflow accommodations at the UIC Forum, 725 West Roosevelt Road)

All full-time faculty are required to attend the commencement ceremony. This is a ticketed event, and graduation regalia is required for all ceremony participants. You must confirm attendance and place your order for graduation regalia with your College Registrar.  Please confirm your participation and order your graduation regalia no later than Friday, March 11, 2011.

If you have a final exam scheduled for Wednesday evening, and you have students participating in commencement, please reschedule the final exam to allow students who are graduating to participate in the ceremony.

If you have a final exam scheduled for Wednesday evening, and do not have students participating in commencement, you are excused from commencement so the exam can be given as originally scheduled. 

All other full-time faculty are required to attend commencement.

We appreciate your commitment to our students and your willingness to share in this special celebration of our graduates.  If you have any questions regarding commencement ceremony participation, please email Dr. Vernese Edghill-Walden at


Angela Henderson


TKP – Lounge-iversary Edition

So, one year later…

What are your thoughts regarding The Lounge? Is it workin’ for ya?
Is there anything you’d change? Anything you’d leave the same?

Update: As you can see, after that interview with PhiloDave, I fell asleep on the El as if it were a blizzard-bound bus on Lake Shore Drive. My apologies. Y’all saw this post get created, sos you’ve had a chance to ponder the questions. If I know PhiloDave the teacher, he takes assessment very seriously. Give him some feedback.

Roses are red, violets are blue
If you’ve got a thought
Let’s hear it from you

(I can’t believe there were no takers on that poem earlier this week. Oh, well…)

Year in review: Lounge-iversary style

Alrighty peeps,

I was going to sift through the mounds of “cognitive surplus” (thanks Carrie!) to determine which post received the most views and which one had the most replies. However, due to time constraints, I will simply modify this post and ask the following:

Over the past year that you’ve visited The Lounge, what was the best post for you? Maybe you don’t gots a best post, so what was the best reply you read? Which post had the most profound influence (positive or negative)?

Heck, who’s been your most favoritist author? (OK, maybe PhiloDave wins that one by default (not just ’cause he’s got the most posts (therefore the most replies), and he is THE author of The Lounge) because he’s best at embeding parenthesis in his posts (don’t even know if I spelled that right (just adding one more to show you how this ain’t easy (now I gotta count (where are those math folks when you need ’em))).

In any case, ya know what I mean, so go ahead and be reflective. Give it some thought.

Yes, you can create your own category too.