A Call for Partners in Resistance: Amanda Loos Published in Praxis

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One particularly good part:

Why this is about social justice, and not just another love-hate quarrel between faculty and administration
The corporatizing of higher education is a national epidemic; community colleges are especially susceptible given their history as vocational institutions and the common misperception that this is their sole mission in a capitalist economy. While my colleagues and I have grown exhausted resisting its detrimental effects in and out of the classroom, CCC Administration and Board seem to have fully embraced a business model, failing to work with a willing faculty body as partners in self-reflection and change rather than steamrolling a “degrees of economic value” agenda.

And there is a great deal at stake.

By isolating programs geographically, CCC is continuing Chicago’s legacy of further disenfranchising already marginalized communities. The no confidence resolution issued by District Wide Faculty Council (FC4) emphasizes a fundamental disagreement between the Board/Chancellor and faculty on the mission of CC’s. It backs away from saying (though my colleagues have said it elsewhere) that these decisions reinforce Chicago’s racial, class, language, and gender divisions and segregation…

It doesn’t have to be this way – in fact, just the opposite. By meeting a basic right of access to education and, by extension, earning power, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills – CC’s can be a space where students become more aware of their own agency and empowered to resist systemic oppressions.

The potential for social justice extends far beyond personal/individual goal-attainment.

Read the rest. It’s worth the effort. I feel so proud and lucky to be her colleague.

Friday Spotlight: Amanda Loos

Friday Spotlight will be a regular feature in which we highlight a member  of our HWC faculty, staff, or admin through a Q&A session. After responding, our member then has to “tag” another member of our community in order to keep the spotlight feature active. Check your CCC mailbox. You may be next!

This week we are placing Amanda Loos in the spotlight!
[Rah, rah, shish boom ba!]
Besides teaching, Amanda also serves as our current Faculty Council President, she’s a former Chair (and still a member) of the Women’s Studies Program,  and the Coordinator of Fine Arts/Cinema Studies Program.
NOW… Stepping out of her office  with the poise, energy, and confidence of Kathryn Bigelow, here’s Amanda…

Q: What’s your HWC story. How did you get hired?
A: I met Paul Urbanick and George Bickford at one of those Univ. of Chicago Teaching in the Community College receptions.  I WASN’T schmoozing, and that probably stood out like a sore thumb. 🙂  I taught part-time for a year and was out the door (though I loved loved loved the students, adjuncting at HWC pretty much sucked back then…er…is it any better now?), and based on that I was NOT planning to apply for the full-time gig.  Urbanick called me in for an interview anyway, with Arlene Zide and Jim Schultz…  Somewhere about 20 minutes into it, I realized how stupid I had been for not applying and that I should really focus!  Duh!  So I have my predecessors to thank for seeing something that I couldn’t see at the time.  Thank you!

Q: What do you like to do when you ain’t teachin’? Is it legal?

A: I throw pottery, try to make vegetables grow in pots on our patio (the legal kind!), take long walks with my dog, and enjoy newly-married life. 🙂

Q: What it’s like to be you? It may help to look in the mirror.

A: Um… it rocks!

Q: What would you’d be doin’ now if you wasn’t teaching at our fabulous institution (or answering these questions)? Would it still be legal?
A: Honestly not sure!  I’ll get back to you on that one…class in ten.

Q: Who should be the next Friday Spotlight?

A: How about the College Advisors?

Thank you Amanda!
Darn, I should’ve asked for a good movie recommendation…