What to do?

Today, there are two very important events at HWC. In room 103, from 2-4pm there will be the 25th annual Sydney R. Daniels Black History Month Oratorical Festival. This is a speech competition which showcases our students giving presentations on people of African descent. There is music by our students, great speeches, excellent food and a great sense of community. 

The other important event is the union meeting in room 1115, 2-4:30. If you’ve been following the emails on your personal account you know that there are some interesting developments which will be discussed. I’ll be there in spirit and will get the 411 from our righteous leader, Jesu.

I hope you remind your students about the Oratorical Festival and if you go to the Union Meeting, REPRESENT!

And yes, Jesu and I will make sure this overlap doesn’t happen in the future because I know many of you would like to attend both events! I call Feb. 20, 2014!