A Series to Follow on Bookslut

I don’t know if you know about Bookslut–you should. The story of the site is great, the story of the founder is great, the writing on the site is great (it’s an old example, but I love it–there’s plenty more of more recent vintage), and they just started a new series that, at the risk of being redundantly repetitious, is great.

As part of the Nobel Reprise, the writers Pauls Toutonghi and Ben Greenman have set out to read and reflect upon at least one book by every Nobelist, in letters. Letters are a way that books stay alive; a conversation, about them, and their ideas, in dialogue on the page.

The books will not necessarily be the best-known. Laureates will not be handled in chronological order. But Pauls and Ben will read every author who has won a Nobel Prize in Literature — starting today.

The explanation of the series, and the first two letters are here; the third is here, and the fourth, here.

Happy reading.