Braggin’ Rights Bracket Winner(s)!

Final Update:

In third place, the proud winner of an assortment of loose pens from Dave’s backpack outer pocket, with 36 correct picks out of 60 games for 196 points, Anthony Escuadro.

In second place, the proud winner of some Vintage tin of Marshall Fields Frango Mints that I found in a desk drawer last week (at least 8 years old), with 35 out of 60 picks for 202 points, the Connecticut Carpetbagger, Ed Fians.

And in first place, having correctly picked 39 out of 60 games correctly for a total of 213 points, our very own Master of Ubiquity, Chris Sabino! And for his troubles, Chris gets a pair of brand new socks that match, or at least refer to, the colors of this year’s Championship squad.

Among the other notables, Armendarez finished next to last. Barely. Which was probably ok until Kentucky lost. So sad. For her.


Braggin’ Rights Bracket Contest Update

Heading into the Elite Eight, it’s a tight three way contest for the prestigious honor of the HW Braggin’ Rights, and the elimination of Ohio State means the contest is coming down to the wire.

Chris Sabino, Anthony Escuadro, and Ed Fians (a former adjunct, now living in New Jersey and working as a Road Scholar) are bunched at the top with Sabino and Fians tied with 202 points apiece and Escuadro just six back.

Sabino, who has made the most correct picks thus far (38) picked three of the eight remaining teams, but only has one of those teams winning another game (UConn in the Final Four). Fians, meanwhile, picked only 1 of the last 8 teams, but he has them (NC) going to the finals and winning it all. He’s at the top despite having picked the least number of correct games (35) on the strength of some effective upset picking with a few low ranking seeds.

Anthony Escuadro, meanwhile, lies in wait with Kansas and his pick of them to make the finals. Anthony picked 36 games correctly, and was the early leader, riding frequent upset picking (10 of 32 in the first round, five of which were correct–easily the most upsets picked and the most correctly predicted) to the front along with effective second round prognostication (10 of 16 Sweet Sixteen teams) before the fates quashed his bracket.

So, the scenarios are as follows:

If North Carolina reaches the finals, Fians wins. It is not even necessary that they win. If NC makes it to the final four but loses AND Kansas makes it to the finals, Escuadro wins. If NC and Kansas both lose in the Elite Eight, Sabino wins.

In other news, Jenny Armendarez took the “Faculty Caboose” spot, with a disappointing showing, picking only 32 games correctly out of 56 and NOT picking Kentucky. Terrible.

But though she may have been the worst picking faculty member, she wasn’t the worse picker in the bunch. That honor went to our new President and Braggin’ Rights rookie, Don Laackman, with 31 correct picks, including 3 teams of the Elite Eight.

Faculty 1, Administration 0.

Props to all for playing, though. Award notifications will be made next week.