Do we still offer Degrees?

Hi All,

I was planning a post on what your Faculty Council is up to and inviting you to the next Faculty Council meeting with is on Tuesday, March 12th at 3:30p in room 1046. However, as I was researching some issues related to FC and course development I came across this perplexing screen on our website. I am sorry if someone else has mentioned this previously on the Lounge, I’ve been negligent in my reading. Let me know what you think about the following:

When you go to and you click on Academics and then click on Degrees, you get this.


So then I thought; well, I’ll search for the major, English. That search  took me to this screen:


I thought perhaps there was a screwy link so I clicked on CareerFinder under Academics thinking a list of degrees offered would be there. They weren’t. Just the CareerFInder screen. If you click on a particular job it will eventually get you to a particular degree with course requirements. However, it only lists programs by jobs and then not all jobs. Type in Acting or Theater, nothing. Even though we have a concentration in Theater, you would never know it from this link. Thoughts?