Monday Music: Lounge-iversary Week!

Congratulations PhiloDave!

Did y’all know that The Harold Lounge went LIVE one year ago on February 13, 2010?! That’s right!

I couldn’t let the day, much less the week, go by without makin’ a big ol’ deal about it. (Ok, so I’m a day late to the party…)

What does this mean for you, loyal Lounge readers? Throughout the week we’ll be hearin’, err, I mean, readin’ about news related to this milestone in one way or another from some of the authors who have been contributing over the past 365 days.

For starters, this here is your Monday Music Edition to get the “celebration” started. Feel free to leave a message. Enjoy!

(Thank you Carrie for your two-cents on the name!)

Happy Casimir Pulaski Day!

Did you know that of six Polish Language Radio stations broadcasting in the United States, four of them are Chicago stations? Did you know that, according to the 2000 census, Chicago has about 185,000 Polish speakers, which would make Chicago’s Polish speaking population, by itself, the 20th largest city in Poland? Do you know who Casimir Pulaski was and where his statue is here in Chicago?

Did you know there’s a song?*

*(Unfortunately, it isn’t really about Casimir Pulaski, or have anything to do with him, except that it was written by a dude who appears to be from Illinois.)

Anyway, what are you doing to honor the Polish hero today?

PS: Remember that Chicago Public Schools are out today, so you might have a few parents missing from your classes…