Open mike on the strike

What up peeps? I saw PhiloDave’s earlier post and followed the link to the post on Diane Ravitch’s blog. The reply from phillip cantor got me thinking. It reads:

“You can also support the CTU by spreading the word via social media. So much of the mainstream media and the “common sense” you hear from folks doesn’t address the real issues. You can educate people.”

Very true. So in the spirit of spreading the word and supporting our union sisters and brothers, I hope we can use this post to hear about the real issues, not what the media would like us to hear (and of course, believe).

I’d like to be educated in this matter. Sure, I’ll read the papers and watch the news; but I believe it is important to balance all of that with words from CPS teachers. So if you know a teacher that’s on strike, ask them to share their story on this site; just like Andrew did. Time to level the media playing field. Anonymity welcomed/encouraged.

I’ll do my best to get the discussion started:
I read this excerpt from this story titled, Teachers strike expected to go into 2nd day, from the Trib:

Emanuel sought to reassure parents that CPS was working quickly to resolve the situation and return kids to the classroom. He again characterized the strike as “one of choice” by teachers and said that it could have been avoided.

What say you the CPS teacher? True?
IMHO, Yes, it was a choice. No joke. But, it was not a choice that was made lightly. If my boss decided to increase my teaching load from 15 contact hours a semester to 16 and only pay me for 15, what choice does that leave me? Hmmm… let’s see. I could, A) say yes, I’ll work 16 contact hours while you pay me for 15, or B) say no, that’s not fair, pay me for the extra contact hour.
True, the strike could have been avoided if, A) the mayor does not extend the school day until negotiating with CTU, or B) increase the school day and compensate the teachers.

If you know a CPS teacher, send them a link to The Lounge. I’d like to hear their side. Educate me.