Cross Talk: Film Edition

Cross Talk is a regular feature, highlighting three to seven items on some discipline taught at the college. We should all know more about what our colleagues know, teach, and love. Lifelong learning, blah, blah, blah, and all that jazz.

Lots of good stuff related to film out there. Here’s a small sliver of it:

~The oral history of Hoop Dreams (as published on Dissolve–a great Web site for writing about film);

~Henry Louis Gates talks about 12 Years a Slave and America; David Simon wrote some interesting things about it, too. And this was good, as well;

~Last year’s Jefferson Lectures honored Martin Scorsese;

~Also from last year, I collected a bunch of stuff about Django Unchained (here, here, here,  and Zero Dark Thirty (here, here ) and other Oscar nominees (here, ) and other stuff like portrayals of Lincoln, or unconventional story telling trends, or a documentary on representations of women in film,

~Check out a brief treatment (with examples) of the role of music in film and the ways that our perceptions of images are affected by what we hear;

~Enemy of the State is a great, great movie;

~From film class project to hit music video;

Chicago International Film Festival

You’ve still got time to see a few of them, but only a few days. Check out the schedule here.

I meant to get this up week’s ago, but…ah, never mind.

Go see a movie! Here are the Tribune’s picks for the Festival, and here are the picks of The Reader for this week.

And if you can’t get there this week, rent a foreign film–we watched Ajami over the weekend, and were stunned by it. Tragic, brutal, surprising, humane, touching, inevitable…great.

Looking to Procrastinate?

Finished your registration hours? Organized your desk three times already? Looking for a means to put off finishing those syllabi before late, late, late Sunday night?

Check out the Black Harvest International Festival of Film and Video at the Gene Siskel Center, just around the corner from us. Go to for the full schedule.

Presented by the Gene Siskel Film Center, the Black Harvest festival showcases films and videos by black artists from around the world.

Kinshasa SymphonyKinshasa Symphony