Harold Lounge Braggin’ Rights Bracket Contest Advice

Just in case you are a living defiance of the opinions of some and immune to the solipsist fallacy (“I do not care, therefore NO one cares”) and are interested in having more than a common person’s interest in the quite probably exploitative and morally questionable national collegiate basketball tournament (perhaps you’d like a chance to beat the President like we ALL did last year) or maybe you’re looking forward to your handsome, frameworthy, certificate of victory (Sabino, I just remembered that I still owe you yours for your victory last year…and the socks–sorry!), but amn’t quite sure how to go about making your choices because you haven’t had any time to follow the college cagers this winter (owing to the spectacular weather), fret not. There’s help on the way.

First a clarification–the Realist’s post implied that the tournament had started already; not so! The play in rounds were last night, but those don’t really count. The first round games start at 11a on Thursday, so you have until then to fill out your bracket. Two steps are required. First, if you don’t already have one, you need to register for an account with cbssports.com–click on “Register” on the right side; it just requires an email address and you make your own password. Once you’ve done that, click here or do a search for “Harold Lounge” on the CBS site and enter “hl2012” as your password. Fill out your bracket and let the smack talking begin.

Who should you pick? Ah, an entirely different question. Here are some options for picking:

~Slate’s bracket help provides the chance to pick by colors and mascots only.

~The Wall Street Journal provides a blind picker with nothing but information about the team’s play this year, so you are not biased by reputation or other irrelevant factors, then when you’re done it shows you all of your picks.

~Slate also has some advice about how a hedge fund manager would pick.

~Or maybe you’d like to take a stand on principle and pick according to the schools’ academic stats using Inside Higher Ed’s analysis. It’s all good.

Make your picks and take your shot at the title and at joining the list of Champions!

2007 Champion: Jennifer Armendarez

2008 Champion: Jennifer Armendarez

2009 Champion: Someone

2010 Champion: Dave Richardson

2011 Champion: Chris Sabino

h/t to Realist for setting up the Bracket this year; thanks!

New Contest: Makin’ Copies!

After eeking out a victory over Marta (beginner’s luck!) in the NFL Picking Contest and dominating the Provost Blog Resurrection Contest (no one else even guessed!–no need to discuss the Web Site Going Live Contest since someone else won that one (lucky!)), I’ve been itchy all week for a new chance to prognosticate. Lucky for me, regular reader and all around awesome person, Michal Eskayo came through, asking:

How about a new poll. When will we get copies and be able to copy, and when will classrooms get white boards.

I would also like to request a seminar in the new pedagogical trends in teaching without any boards or copies.

Her request came right on the heels of my own discovery that my copy code was still “out” (which is not at all unusual, in general, but atypical for January) and a brief departmental discussion about if/when the new magic COPY SOLUTION MACHINES (it copies, it scans, it toasts bread!) would be arriving. According to our November 10th email:

The full deployment of the new copying, printing and scanning devices will be completed by January 1, 2012 with minimum disruption of college services and functions.

But, clearly that hasn’t happened unless the copiers look exactly the same. We don’t have the same board troubles on the 10th floor (knock on wood), so I couldn’t really do anything with that. I was stuck. I couldn’t figure out how to make it into a contest since the rollout would likely be staggered and it would be hard to tell when the full deployment completed, and then Michal’s email rolled in and it hit me. So the new question is this:

When will the World Languages/ELL department have their new copier AND the ability to copy on it?

I pick 10am on February 14th because I love that department and hope they get their copier as a Valentine’s Day gift from Xerox.

Put your pick in the comments. Price Is Right rules (closest without going over). Winner gets to brag a bit.

And if you have any ideas about those Boardless/Copyless teaching tricks for English Language Learners, you can post those, too.



Contest Redux

That’s right, Realist. All of the guesses as to when HWC’s Website will go live have expired, so it’s time to rebid!

I’m going with Wednesday, December 14th at 11:04 am.

As a special bonus bit of holiday fun, I’m also offering a second contest: when will Kojo’s blog have a new post? It’s been 10 weeks since the last one. Is the bloom off the rose? Do you think the lack of posts will get a mention in the Board Report? Did we offend?

No matter. Make your guess as to when The Academic Voice goes live again.

I’m going with Wednesday, December 14th at 11:04 am.

Contest Alert: Guess the Time the Website Goes Live!

I just remembered, just now, while waiting for the grill to heat up, that the new HW Website was originally scheduled to go LIVE yesterday.

Wait, what? You didn’t know that we are getting a new Web site? Well maybe you’re part of the reason that we’re T Minus Zero + 21 hours and 14 minutes! Get your chair what s/he needs so they can light that candle!

More importantly, this offers us an opportunity for yet another in a long line of meaningless contests (in which, I’m 3 of 4 if my memory serves; Mathissexy got lucky once). And so here’s today’s contest question: When does the new Web site go live?

Put your answers in the comments (1 guess per person, date and time specific), and we’ll be playing “Price is Right rules” (if you’re over, you lose) until someone sees the new website live AND posts a comment saying so, thus ending the contest. Winner gets a hearty pat on the back, their choice for Monday Music, and a package  of paper to do with as they please.

I take Wednesday the 23rd at 4:18pm.

New Contest: Graduation Prediction Contest

To enter this contest, you must make three predictions, and at least one of them must be the ENDING TIME (in Central Daylight Time) of the ceremony–defined as the successful alighting from the stage of the first “platform guest”.

The person with the most correct predictions (up to 3) wins. For determination of accuracy, all “ending time guesses” will be considered as plus or minus five minutes (CTA Bus Rules), and if there are multiple people with three correct predictions, ties will be broken by the judgment of me about the level of difficulty and likelihood involved with bonus points awarded for higher level of difficulty/lower level of probability predictions, in consultation with Jen Armendarez since running the pool was her suggestion (yet another indicator of her misspent youth and the fact that she is, like me, an inveterate degenerate when it comes to gaming opportunities. Not that this is gambling–it isn’t, for A) gambling is not allowed at Bushwoods or CCC; and B) you aren’t putting anything up to play, except your words; and 3) the prizes are totally unimpressive/actually imaginary.).

Guess away, good people; guess away!

Braggin’ Rights Bracket Winner(s)!

Final Update:

In third place, the proud winner of an assortment of loose pens from Dave’s backpack outer pocket, with 36 correct picks out of 60 games for 196 points, Anthony Escuadro.

In second place, the proud winner of some Vintage tin of Marshall Fields Frango Mints that I found in a desk drawer last week (at least 8 years old), with 35 out of 60 picks for 202 points, the Connecticut Carpetbagger, Ed Fians.

And in first place, having correctly picked 39 out of 60 games correctly for a total of 213 points, our very own Master of Ubiquity, Chris Sabino! And for his troubles, Chris gets a pair of brand new socks that match, or at least refer to, the colors of this year’s Championship squad.

Among the other notables, Armendarez finished next to last. Barely. Which was probably ok until Kentucky lost. So sad. For her.


A New Prognostication Contest

A request from a dedicated reader named “Rock’inthashoe:”

Hello The Harold guy!

I was anxiously expecting the Summer/Fall 2011 schedule to see how many mistakes were there (departing from the previous attempt to a common catalog . . .).  The site was reading yesterday night:

“Go to my.ccc.edu for real-time course information on April 1st”

In the morning today, it read: “Go to my.ccc.edu for real-time course information on April 1st, after 4 pm.”

[Sigh and some rolling eyes!]

After opening the site again around 4:20 pm., it read:   “Go to my.ccc.edu for real-time course information on April 1st, after 5 pm.”

[Cynical smile and sigh!]

Now, I tried again around 5:30 pm. and . . . guess what?!, it reads:  “Go to my.ccc.edu for real-time course information on April 4th”

Suggestion for The Harold:  Can we do a contest on

Do you think the famous 300+ pages Su/Fall 2011 will finally come up on April 4th OR do you think it will be postponed again?

VOTE:  Yes / No   with ideas about why yes or no!

And I would add in a date and a time, too. Closest to the mark of when it goes live, wins.

Braggin’ Rights Bracket Contest Update

Heading into the Elite Eight, it’s a tight three way contest for the prestigious honor of the HW Braggin’ Rights, and the elimination of Ohio State means the contest is coming down to the wire.

Chris Sabino, Anthony Escuadro, and Ed Fians (a former adjunct, now living in New Jersey and working as a Road Scholar) are bunched at the top with Sabino and Fians tied with 202 points apiece and Escuadro just six back.

Sabino, who has made the most correct picks thus far (38) picked three of the eight remaining teams, but only has one of those teams winning another game (UConn in the Final Four). Fians, meanwhile, picked only 1 of the last 8 teams, but he has them (NC) going to the finals and winning it all. He’s at the top despite having picked the least number of correct games (35) on the strength of some effective upset picking with a few low ranking seeds.

Anthony Escuadro, meanwhile, lies in wait with Kansas and his pick of them to make the finals. Anthony picked 36 games correctly, and was the early leader, riding frequent upset picking (10 of 32 in the first round, five of which were correct–easily the most upsets picked and the most correctly predicted) to the front along with effective second round prognostication (10 of 16 Sweet Sixteen teams) before the fates quashed his bracket.

So, the scenarios are as follows:

If North Carolina reaches the finals, Fians wins. It is not even necessary that they win. If NC makes it to the final four but loses AND Kansas makes it to the finals, Escuadro wins. If NC and Kansas both lose in the Elite Eight, Sabino wins.

In other news, Jenny Armendarez took the “Faculty Caboose” spot, with a disappointing showing, picking only 32 games correctly out of 56 and NOT picking Kentucky. Terrible.

But though she may have been the worst picking faculty member, she wasn’t the worse picker in the bunch. That honor went to our new President and Braggin’ Rights rookie, Don Laackman, with 31 correct picks, including 3 teams of the Elite Eight.

Faculty 1, Administration 0.

Props to all for playing, though. Award notifications will be made next week.

Next Up!

Next up! is a regular feature on Sundays, showcasing HWC (and beyond) events in the coming week. If you have an event that you’d like to publicize, send me the date, name, place and time by 5pm on the Friday before, and I’ll do my best to get it in there. Use the “Comments” section to provide updates and additions!

1. First off, a big round of applause to The Realist for the holiday movie list–there were some new ones on there that I hadn’t seen or heard of before, which is the only reason I ever read lists like that. Great work, Realist; except for leaving out Bad Santa.

And for the rest of you who continue to wonder about the Realist’s real life identity, check out the list and then read this analysis of what such lists mean. It’s worth what you paid for it, but still, it might have a clue or two in it…

2. And here’s what’s going on this week:

Monday, 1/10: The first day of contractual obligation and the Reinvention Kick Off!! (Unless that already happened on November 18th, then it’s the Reinvention Work Kick Off!! (Unless the stuff that has been going on since November is work, then it’s the Reinvention Re-Kick Off!! or something like that))).

Open Registration begins in earnest. Also, be sure to comb your hair and slick your collar, because the cameras and observation teams will be out in full force, observating the registration process, or at least an hour or two of it. Let’s all be helpful, eh?

Tuesday, 1/11: More Registration. Also, if you happen to be free and interested, there is a Friends of Harold Washington Meeting/Hootenanny at Noon in Room 102, that will feature a conversation among many of our esteemed, retired colleagues, President Metoyer, FC4 President Ellen Eason Montgomery, HWFC President Rosie Banks, and me. Should be fun. Drop in if you can.

Wednesday, 1/12: Still more registration of students and the chance to drop into the CCC Board Meeting (9am, rm 103) and say hello and and welcome to our Chancellor and new-ish Board Chair and their colleagues–some new, some not.

Thursday, 1/13: Still more registration–assuming, that is, that we have enough open seats in classes to keep registration going all week*. Also, Jen Armendarez is hosting an Informal Faculty Social at one of her favorite taverns. Ask her all about it!

Friday, 1/14: Registration again

*And that brings me to our third major point of business–the biannual “Guess When Registration Will Close for New Students and Become Revisions Only” Contest. Last semester, it never happened (the first in a few), so everybody was a loser.

Perhaps it won’t happen again this term, perhaps it will. The important thing is that you venture a guess and that you do it prior to 7 AM Monday morning when the building opens (no PeopleSoft Cheating for you). So, smartypants, what’s your guess?

Welcome back to Best Job in the World, People. Hope you had a refreshing break and find yourself ready to mold worlds and expand some minds (and the converses (would that be conversii? (Can you tell I’m fired up? Was it the Latin? (or the quadruple parentheses?)))).

New Contest

So the contests have pretty much been a bust so far. The March Madness bracket only drew four players and was won by me because I had one final four team and the other three players had none. Lame. The World Cup bracket was no better–four players and Dave won; again because no one else had any teams in the finals. Lame.

Our “When Will Registration Close for New Students Prediction Contest drew more than four players (hooray), but we all lost since, to my knowledge, the college was still registering students through Friday (leading me to wonder how we could have crazy high enrollment AND a rash of canceled classes, but I digress). Still we had nine guesses:

Carrie, Tues@3:02; Usually Confused, T@ 4:03; ITejeda, Wed @ 11; Philodave, Wed @3:42; TyrannosaurusX, Wed @4; Kamran, Th@11; HelloKitty, Fri @10:42; Mathissexy, Fri @1;  Realist, DNG. So I don’t really know who won. I guess maybe Mathissexy? I’ll leave this one to the Peanut Gallery.

Today’s contest is GUESS WHEN THE DWFDW SURVEY WILL BE SENT OUT TO FACULTY. It was just two weeks ago yesterday that our Provost announced that faculty would “soon receive a survey” about their experiences at DWFDW. Still waiting. Patiently. When do you think it will come? Make your prediction here…

Bonus Critical Thinking Question: What can we justifiably infer about the feedback they got on the evaluation forms if we don’t receive a survey?