Call for the Blogroll (UPDATE)

You may have noticed, if you pay attention to such things, that I cleaned up the Blogroll a bit yesterday. I deleted the dead links and the rarely used links; included in the cleanup were Kojo’s former blog (now deleted), District’sNotTheBossofMe, and The Truman Lounge (not quite dead, but not active at all). I was going to link to Truman’s Teaching and Learning Center blog, but that is pretty dead too. I also cut the OIT Lounge, which had little and infrequent content, and a few things that I had put on there for me so I wouldn’t lose them (e.g., the list of philosophy blogs). Also cut were the links that no one has clicked on over the last year and some links that were primarily K-12 focused.

I have added Wright College’s Instructional Support blog (been meaning to do that for a while, actually–Maureen Mulcrone is doing good work over there with it), and a link for the Chronicle of Higher Ed. I have a few ideas for other things I can add, but I’m taking suggestions, too. I am happy to link to any faculty blog, project, or PD source (such as a professional organization) or any resource that you’d like to have easy, consistent access to. Put them in the comments, and I’ll put them on the blogroll.

Thanks, in advance!

UPDATE: Don wrote to suggest adding Academic Affairs@HWC (Margie’s blog), which I forgot was a blog, too! Did that. He also suggested a link to Five Books (which I love and read regularly); it used to be a feature of The Browser, but was spun off to its own site. Done and done.