Department Chairs Meeting – April 2011

The purpose of this post is to let HWC faculty know what was discussed at the Chairs Meeting. You should contact or meet with your department chair for details and the full report.

Here’s the synopsis:

  1. Reinvention was the first item on the agenda. We were told that this should be the first topic of discussion at our meetings.
  2. A repor from DAC was given regarding how to provide assistance to students. A survey was also distributed. Department Chairs were asked to make copies and distribute to faculty. DAC needs our feedback.
  3. Ewa, our OIT Dean, introduced a new “rationale” form that needs to be included when requesting IT purchases. The form was developed by a Dean at one of the other City Colleges and has been adopted District-wide (for now).
  4. Our new president, Don Laackman was in attendance. We had a mini-forum with some good Q&A.
  5. We were given a list with HWC departments and names showing who had (and who had not) made their Blackboard courses available.
  6. I had to leave at 11:00am to attend the President’s Forum.
  7. From what I understand the meeting ended shortly thereafter; before 11:30am.

There was one department chair taking better notes. When I get the copy of those notes I will note my errors and omissions. For now, I invite any department chair to make corrections and fill in any missing information.