More on Transfers and Research on Acceptance

The Chronicle published a minterview (mini-interview…get it? If it catches on, remember it was me first) with the Transfer Coordinator from DePaul in light of last week’s release of the report on Transfer Acceptance (the actual report is here). For example:

How do transfer students fit into your overall enrollment operation?

We consider it an offshoot of our mission. Transfer students bring a lot to the classroom, to the community. It’s a big part of who we are. There are a lot of students who decide for themselves that it’s better geographically or economically to start at a community college and transfer in later. We’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and research over the last five years to make sure DePaul is transfer-friendly and tech-friendly.

Before they apply, students can now transmit their transcripts online, and feed them into our system to get an almost instantaneous sense of how credits will transfer, and then also see how they will transfer to a particular degree program. This gives them a better sense of how long it might take them to get a degree. … As opposed to freshman admissions, we publish cleaner, more precise cutoffs for admission, so you know it’s only a matter of a certain number of credits and a certain grade-point average for 99.8 percent of students.

Check out the rest, too. It’s a fast read. Promise.