Another Voice from the Wilderness

More discussion about Reinvention from another anonymous critic.

Here is the author’s own summary of her/his effort:

The upper echelons of the bureaucracy that runs the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) are in the midst of a drastic transformation of the historical mission of the CCC. This mission, like that of most community colleges across the U.S., has been to provide a path for millions of working class, poor or immigrant students to access a university education which offers personal intellectual enrichment that has long been recognized as one of the important foundations of democracy as well as professional advancement. Behind the façade of Reinvention the CCC hierarchy is moving away from these goals and instead narrowing the mission of the CCC to that of job training centers. In service to the Obama administration’s initiative to track students into associate degrees and certificates as their terminal degrees, they have invented the Reinvention. Corporate Chicago is steering this process under the guise of pro bono consultants and advisory councils. The result is the full adoption of the business model for the administrative structure of the CCC.  This has also allowed for the merging of political and business cronyism bloating the CCC headquarters with business positions, heaping on more than $5 million in additional annual salaries in the first nine months alone. This has all occurred since Cheryl Hyman, a businesswoman lacking prior educational leadership experience, was anointed chancellor. The impact on students, faculty and staff have begun with the loss of jobs, the reduction or elimination of services and the smothering of academic freedom.  The specifics of the Reinvention indicate that these attacks are just the beginning. Students and faculty have begun to air frustration, resentment, and opposition to the abuses of the Reinvention. An organized opposition to the masters of Reinvention is required in order to secure quality education, decent working conditions, and bright futures for all of those who work and study at the CCC.

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“Emergency” Meeting Reminder

Don’t forget about the meeting tomorrow; I’ll be out of town, unfortunately, but hope to see some reports about it upon my return:

Faculty Council is concerned about our reduced role in district policy decisions.

FC4 has called a district wide meeting of all interested faculty to be held on:

Friday March 11, at Malcolm X College,  in Room 2616  from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

at which we will discuss control of the class-room environment – targeting faculty involvement in academic policies. We are concerned about faculty morale, have a low confidence in the status of joint governance, and are not happy about various other issues. We want to investigate how best to fight the imposition of a business model on academic decisions.

Please relay this invitation to all full time faculty at your college and ask them to RSVP by March 4th to: Julius Nadas, secretary of FC4, at

Thank you,