From FC4–District Wide Faculty Council Emergency Meeting

Julius Nadas sent an email with the above title to HWFC President Rosie Banks, who forwarded it to the rest of us:

Faculty Council is concerned about our reduced role in district policy decisions.

FC4 has called a district wide meeting of all interested faculty to be held on:

Friday March 11, at Malcolm X College,  in Room 2616  from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

at which we will discuss control of the class-room environment – targeting faculty involvement in academic policies. We are concerned about faculty morale, have a low confidence in the status of joint governance, and are not happy about various other issues. We want to investigate how best to fight the imposition of a business model on academic decisions.

Please relay this invitation to all full time faculty at your college and ask them to RSVP by March 4th to: Julius Nadas, secretary of FC4, at

Thank you,