Halfway There

It’s the end-ish of Week 8, people. That makes it the midterm. According to this article, that means it’s time to take stock of our classes and our progress (while our students take stock of theirs).

We all need consistent feedback (from ourselves and others) and the reality of academic life is that if you don’t proactively create feedback loops, you’re unlikely to get the type of information you need to take control of your work life, teach efficiently and well, and enjoy the job you’ve worked so long and hard to obtain. …In other words, the middle of the semester is a great time to ask yourself and others:

  1. Am I on track?
  2. What’s holding me back? and
  3. How can I make a positive change?

The article has some interesting advice for soliciting feedback from students (and others) to make the most of the second half of the semester (for all involved). But for me, the ultimate message of the mid-term is this one…don’t give up, people; don’t give up…

h/t to Ivan Tejeda for the musical suggestion.