Blackboard Changes and Help

Ephrem has, as always, been a busy little beaver over the last month or two, while some significant and important changes to Blackboard have occurred.

At the very least, you should take a few minutes, if you haven’t already, to check out his videos about what is new in the new version of Blackboard (9.1).

You can see them by clicking:

~ HERE for the Guide to the Opening Screen;

~ HERE for an explanation of where you can find the Old Stuff in the New Version, and;

~ HERE for a guide to the new features available in the upgraded CMS.

Also, be sure to consider (and hopefully sign up for), the STARFISH early warning alert tool (a.k.a., S.O.A.R) by clicking on THIS LINK and providing the information required. (I’d also encourage anyone who was part of the pilot to tell the rest of us what you thought of it in the comments. Thanks!).

Ephrem also sent along some links to Blackboard-created Tutorials here, here, here, and (one for your students) here. Might want to show that last one to them in your first or second class. Or at least make it available.

Finally, don’t forget that you can get the latest and greatest in all things Blackboard on Ephrem’s Blog.

Give the man some love; he’s earned it!