One More Meta Post for the New Visitors

Hi, everybody. Sorry to those of you who have seen this information before. Carry on. To everyone else, a little info about the Lounge, in case you were wondering.

Sometime yesterday we had our 15,000th visitor! Whoever it was, congratulations! As if that weren’t cool enough, as of last night, we hit “biggest week ever” in terms of visitors on the Lounge (with just under 1,100 visits already this week, where we had been averaging about 800 per week for the rest of the semester).

As you can estimate that’s close to 200 visits per day (in fact we had and exceeded 200 visits per day on three of the last four days). We are also on pace for our biggest month ever (which would make two in a row, since August was the biggest month yet).

So, I’m guessing that we have a lot of new visitors this week (probably some from Truman and maybe some new regulars from HWC). Regardless (or irregardless as some might put it), welcome, y’all, to this ongoing experiment.

The main goal of this post is not to brag, though, about how many people are here looking at it. The primary aim is to make sure that you all know that:

  • This site, The Harold Lounge, is hosted by WordPress and is not on CCC servers or equipment. (Pretty sure the same is true for the Truman Lounge, too.)
  • If you’d like to make a comment, the settings give you the opportunity to include a web site and an email address but it is not required that you include either. If you’d like to remain anonymous, even to me and the other editors of the site, you can just leave those blank and submit your comment. If you adopt a pen name, but include your email address, we (the editors) will know who you are, but only if we recognize the email address. In other words, you can choose the level of self-revelation ranging from zero to total and not have to fear that anyone from your college or your district will be able to use your comment to find out who you are. The “editors” are all faculty members at HWC with contributory rights, in case you were wondering.
  • Anyone who asks to be put on as an editor can and will be. Upon being activated, you will have immediate ability to post, to post and edit pages, upload documents, video, pictures, whatever. If anyone is interested in starting a monthly or weekly feature or taking over an existing one, all you need to do is send me (PhiloDave) an email ( and I’ll put you on. I’d love to have a 2nd Career Corner for Retiree postings, some Non-tenured voices, more book and movie and restaurant reviews, and anything else you can think of.
  • The poll voting is completely anonymous. I cannot track the votes to any specific voter, even with some poking around.

I hope this clarifies, and mollifies, any concerns for anyone out there who might have been wondering if the CCC tech people can sift through any of this to identify posters or commentators. They can’t. At least not without using nefarious ways (or working somehow through your own computer). With that said, of course, it is a public site, so you should use common sense (and avoid libelous slander, etc.), but so far we’ve never had any sort of problem with that kind of thing and I don’t expect to in the future.

The upshot is, if you’ve been thinking about saying something, but weren’t sure how it worked, hopefully now you have the information you need to fire away. So, welcome and fire away!