Free Crawdads!

First come, first served at the House of Blues/Chicago Reader Mardi Gras Party in the Foundation Room across the river. It starts tonight at 6:30 and runs until 9pm. Free entry, free crawdads, and live music.

Let those good times roll, people!

(RSVP to to make sure you can get in…)

UIC Forum on School Reform

Since 80% of our students come from CPS, and CPS is likely to go through (or at least be pressured to continue/indulge in) more reform, if you’re not doing anything tonight, you might want to go to this:
A Public Forum on Chicago School Reform
Tuesday, March 1, 2011
7:00-9:00 p.m.

UIC Forum (725 W. Roosevelt St., Chicago)

Speakers Include:
  • Kevin Kumashiro, University of Illinois at Chicago (moderator)
  • Leslie Rebecca Bloom, Roosevelt University
  • Sumi Cho, DePaul University
  • Gregory Michie, Concordia University Chicago
  • Isabel Nunez, Concordia University Chicago
  • Brian Schultz, Northeastern Illinois University
  • Therese Quinn, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • William Watkins, University of Illinois at Chicago
With Responses By:
  • Jitu Brown, KOCO (Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization)
  • Jackson Potter, CORE (Caucus of Rank and File Educators), Chicago Teachers Union
  • And More

It’s free and open to the public. Click HERE for the details.

Experience Art: Alberto Aguilar’s “A Personal Dinner Invitation”

News from our HW Curator, Vanessa Smith:

The President’s Gallery at Harold Washington College, 30 E. Lake Street, proudly presents a lecture titled “A Personal Dinner Invitation” a Year Later by Alberto Aguilar, a faculty member of the department of Art and Architecture. The lecture will take place on Wednesday, December 8 at 6 p.m. in room 103, and is free and open to the public.

It has been a year since “A Personal Dinner Invitation”, a project created by Alberto Aguilar to inaugurate his 36th year.

Using a popular social networking site, Alberto Aguilar befriended then invited over 1000 strangers to come into his home and have dinner. From those who agreed to attend this event, he chose 36 people to come to six separate dinners of six guests each. On all of these evenings, Aguilar hosted a six-course Mexican meal, gave a tour of his home and presented each guest with a hand-made gift box.
In this presentation, Alberto Aguilar will discuss the events that led to this project, the dinners themselves and the impact that they have had on his life. All attendees will receive a small gift bag at the end of the presentation.

This lecture is held in conjunction with the exhibition on the 11th floor of the college – Assembly: The Faculty Biennial Exhibition, on view through January 14. This exhibition celebrates the work of fifteen faculty members and a few of their collaborators, with works ranging among ceramics, photography, print media, painting, architecture, video and sound. Exhibiting artists include: Alberto Aguilar; Jess Bader and Heather Coffey; Michelle Bolinger; Helen Maurene Cooper; Max Alexander, Davy Bisaro and Balta Pena; Jessica Taylor Caponigro; Turtel Onli; Richard Repasky; Felicity Rich; Galina Shevchenko and Phylum Sinter; Ivanhoe Tejeda; Joseph Trupia; Vassi Vasevski; Rebecca Walz; Craig Yu.

Be THERE, people. Sounds awesome.

OpenHaus III–Cool Art Is Happening RIGHT NOW

Get to the 8th Floor. Right now!

2D Design Student Exhibit – between the elevators and room 826.
Visiting Artist Workshop – Attend and participate while artist Armita Raafat conducts a drawing workshop related to Islamic architecture in room 829
In and outside room 810 and 818 – Architecture students exhibit projects and hand-crafted cardboard chairs…
Advanced Drawing students display their work in the hallway outside room 829.
Visiting artist lecture- Artist Armita Raafat will discuss her past and recent work in room 103.

Open studio – stop by to visit a beginning level painting class in progress.

Upcoming HWC Music Events

Tell your students and be sure to show up and support the students–you might even see one of your own rocking the house…

~Wednesday, 12/1: The Harold Washington Recording Engineer’s Event (4pm, rm 102).
HW’s Largest Club will host voice over artist and engineer Jim L’Allier who has an extensive back ground in voice over for film and television. Mr. L’Allier’s presentation will begin at 4pm.  After food and drink
will be served to all attendees.

~Thursday, 12/2: The Fall Semester Ensemble Concert (7:00pm, rm 102)–featuring the HWC Jazz/Pop Ensemble, Choir, and Chamber Ensembles

~Tuesday, 12/7: The HWC Jazz/Pop Ensemble Concert @ Chicago Cultural Center (Randolph side). The show starts at 12:15pm, and it is FREE!

What Up?


Ador’n is a Feminist Arts Group, with whom one of our Humanities adjuncts

works, is having an art show (FREE!) showcasing up and coming Chicago

artists; it’s called “In the Flesh.” You should go…unless you have something

better to do.


What are you doing, anyway?

Native American Heritage Events

November is Native American Heritage Month, and Judy Rivera-Van Schagen has put together another stellar lineup of events. Please make sure to announce them to you students and print out a schedule for your classroom bulletin boards.

Here’s the full event schedule. For more info, contact Judy (

All events are FREE!

Next Event:

Wednesday, November 3 Film: Tecumseh’s Vision. Ric Burns, Director

Hosted by Professor I. Sandman, Humanities

Room: 203

Time: 12:30pm

Website Wednesday

Website Wednesday is a regular feature in which we highlight one (or a couple) of sites from the Billions floating around the Intertoobz that just might help you with your Herculean task of educating inquiring minds. Any and all suggestions for future editions are welcome.

I know that you saw some of these highlighted at DWFDW, but just in case that is a long ways away from your mind, and because we’re at the midterm (when, it is generally supposed, it’s a good idea to get some student feedback about the course, and because you might not want to use CCC tools to conduct your own research about student satisfaction (or lack thereof) with your courses, you can consider the following tools, each of which I’ve used and found quick and simple to work with. is a resource for creating superfast, multiple choice, online surveys–no sign up is required, and the sharing options are plentiful.

If you’d like a little more control over your poll, is a good option. In fact, come to think of it, I think this might have been the one that was highlighted during DWFDW.

You know, just in case you want to do any quick survey’s of student opinions about, oh, I don’t know, anything that is going on around the college, maybe…

Chicago Humanities Festival Starts This Weekend

You haven’t forgotten about the Chicago Humanities Festival that I mentioned a while back have you? Please, please, please announce it to your students.

Here is a story on the festival from the Tribune, and here is a list of their recommendations. When The Reader comes out with their list, I’ll post it, too. Send the students for extra credit. It’s a great opportunity to see some great minds live and in person. For free, no less.

In the meantime, gor the schedule go HERE; if you want to know more about tickets, you can go HERE.  The short version is as follows:

Teachers/students: Free tickets to most programs are available for students and teachers with valid ID.

Give them a call to make sure that you’ll be able to get into the event you want to see (312.494.9509). So far this is the sell out list as of last Thursday:

(102) Special Viewing: Rare Medical Texts and the History of Medicine

(106) Leslie Marmon Silko

(303) Margaret Livingstone: What Art Tells Us About the Brain

All West Loop Gallery Tours (Nov. 6 and Nov. 13)

(403) Reformulating Food

(404) Terra Foundation Lecture: Sarah Burns

(407) Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: An Anthropologist’s View

Release of Chicago Humanities Festival Schedule

The schedule for what is probably Chicago’s single greatest annual event, the Chicago Humanities Festival, has been released. This year’s theme is “The Body” and the usual array of literary, philosophical, cultural, musical, and otherwise artistic super heavyweight thinkers, so to speak, are lined up to share their thinking with the rest of us.

Check out the schedule by poking around HERE.

As always, tickets to events that are not sold out are free (or super cheap) to educators and students (a good reason to get a new ID, if you haven’t already).