Sustainability Alliance–What You Should Know

From Jen Asimow:

I am sure that most of you, by now, have heard talk of the “Sustainability Alliance” at HWC.  If not, here it is.  We are a group, dedicated to discussing, planning for and educating students and each other about “green” issues and initiatives on campus.  We are still in our infancy, and need your help and input.


Our group meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 2PM in the Harold Lounge (1046).  There is a lot of great energy amongst our members.  One of the upcoming (and possibly biggest) projects on campus is the “Green Roof”.  There are several great people involved in this project.  Once it has been built, there will be ample opportunities for faculty to teach and learn in this new space.  Our group will have an enormous impact on how that space is eventually used.


That said, we are looking for faculty, students, staff and administrators to get involved.  Even if our meeting time does not work for you, I would be happy to get you our emails and correspondences.  Who knows?  Maybe next semester you will be able to get more involved.


Next Wednesday, October 20th, at 2PM we will meet in the lounge.  Our guest will be Mike Davis (remember him?) from the District office.  Big Plans.  Big Ideas.  Big Excitement!  Come Join Us!!!!

Next Up!

Next up! is a regular feature on Sundays, showcasing HWC (and beyond) events in the coming week. Use the “Comments” section to provide updates and additions!

Monday, 3/22: Hybrid Committee Meeting (3pm, Rm 604)

Tuesday, 2/23: PTK Transfer Fair, (2pm-on, Rm 1115)

Wednesday, 3/24: Panel Discussion: Pornography, Women, & Sex (2-4pm, Rm 1001). Feminist philosopher Robin Morgan put it this way: “Pornography is the theory, rape is the practice,” tying together two familiar (enough) aspects of American culture–one tacitly, if not openly accepted and one, ostensibly, despised. Yet, in the last ten years, pornography has become more readily available and more widely consumed without comparable increases in sexual violence against women, and some feminist philosophers have gone as far as to say that it is through the embracing of their sexuality–in pornographic contexts or otherwise–that women gain their fullest claims to equality. Hosted by Dave Richardson’s Social and Political Philosophy class, a panel featuring Armen Sarrafian (Art), Allin Young (Humanities), and Serpent Libertine (Sex Workers Outreach Program of Chicago), all fascinating people, will discuss issues related to pornography and its effects (objectification? empowerment?) for women and men and sex in general.

~Also, Wednesday: Domestic Violence Awareness (1pm-5pm, Rm 102)

~Also, Wednesday: X’CLUSIVE SHOWCASE (4pm-7pm, Rm 1115)–HW’s Dance Club. Rockin’ out.

~Also Wednesday:Loop Players Present: Bus Stop (7:15 pm, Rm 103).

Thursday, 3/25: Union Meeting (2pm-4pm, Rm 1115)–Will somebody out there please tell them about The Harold Lounge, and tell them we’d love to have some union representation? My reach out attempts haven’t garnered even a response yet…

~Also Thursday Loop Players Present: Bus Stop (2pm, Rm 103).

~Also Thursday: Pride Alliance Meeting (3pm, Rm 608).

~Also, Thursday: Film Screening and Discussion with Filmmaker Eileen Douglas: My Grandfather’s House (6pm, Rm. 323). Hosted by Amanda Loos and Marcy Rae Henry, along with their Fine Arts and Humanities classes, filmmaker Eileen Douglas will discuss her documentary about her search to find the house her Grandfather fled in 1911 in Lithuania “to escape the Tsar’s army.” More information about the room as soon as I have it.

~Also, Thursday: Lessons of the Holocaust–A Survivor’s Account (5:30pm-8:30pm, Rm 1001) Les White’s father visits HW to talk about his experiences during the Holocaust.

Friday, 3/26: Silver Screen Series (4pm, Rm 1115): Center for Gerontology Film Series.

~Also, Friday: Loop Players Present: Bus Stop (7:15 pm, Rm 103).

Loop Players’ Bus Stop Opens Next Week

Have you seen the spectacular teaching guide that Elisabeth Heard (English) put together for the upcoming shows? Even if you don’t use it in class, please consider posting it for your students. Check it out here. It’s some impressive work.

And please encourage them to go. There are discounts for students, and group discounts, too (two rates: for students in groups of 6 to 10 and a second lower rate for groups of 10 or more).

PS: In case you were wondering they found a Prop Master, so the show will go on…Opens Monday!

PPS: Please consider announcing it to your class. According to the Humanities Assessment we did a couple of years ago, more than 2/3rds of our incoming students have never seen a play, and 27% of our students leave us without having had the experience. Sometimes all it takes is a personal invitation from someone they trust. One quick announcement might make someone in your classroom a lifelong theater lover…