Next Up!

Next up! is a regular feature on Sundays, showcasing HWC (and beyond) events in the coming week. Send notice of upcoming events that you want publicized to me ( Use the “Comments” section to provide updates, additions, and corrections!

Well, last week was fun (at least the last three days of it, but enough of the frivolity–registration week is upon us! Raise your hand if, like me, you still have your 30 hours to complete. It’s always fun to talk to the students in the first part of the week when there are still classes to be had, but how I dread those last 8 or 9 hours of apologizing and delivering bad news (“Sorry, that’s closed. Nope, that class only meets on the days you work. Sorry, it has a pre-req, and I can’t waive it for you. Oops, looks like you’ve got a hold.” On the bright side, there are still a bunch of seats in my Humanities 206 FY: Existential Literature class, so if you come across a student looking for a class with great reading* or a challenge or both, sign ’em up for it!

Monday, 8/19: Open Registration, 8:30-6:30p, Room 404.

Tuesday, 8/20: Open Registration, 8:30-6:30p, Room 404.

Wednesday, 8/21: Open Registration, 8:30-6:30p, Room 404.

Thursday, 8/22: Open Registration, 8:30-6:30p, Room 404.

Friday, 8/23: Open Registration, 8:30-1:30p, Room 404.

Saturday, 8/24: Business as usual, as far as I know.

(Dostoevsky, Camus, Duras, Murakami, Marcel, Sartre, de Beauvoir, Kincaid, and more!)