3 Cheers for Gitte and Chris!

Remember just two years ago, when the bunch of us (see #2) were griping and belly aching about the replacement of our own, local efforts to provide faculty development activities with the mandated week long District organized “faculty-led” (cough cough) vendor showcase? “Give us back our local days,” we pleaded and shouted/grumbled. “We can do (and have done) it better.”

Well, we got three of them back and Gitte Maronde (ELL/World Language) and Chris Sabino (Math), co-chairs of CAST put together an interesting and experimental and educational program of learning opportunities, despite scheduling confusion and other complications. They both provided constant, but invisible, presence and support and made sure that everything ran smoothly from the solicitation of presenters to the provision of session feedback.

Three big cheers to our CAST coordinators for a job well done. Thanks for all the hard work!