Take an academic guess…

Since this is February and we’ve already heard from “the prognosticators of prognosticators” (that famous groundhog from Puxa-can’t remember-how-you-spells-it-tawny Phil), I thought it’d be a good time to ask the following question:

Can you predict what will happen to the printed book and book stores during the next year?

What’s the rationale for this post? I just received a message from Borders CEO stating they were reorganizing through the Chapter 11 process (not protection). I wasn’t THAT surprised to read the email, but it made me wonder what would happen to book stores in our lifetime. (Think Kindle and all those digital devices out there now, and our publishers slowly moving to electronic textbooks.)

Instead of long-term prognosticating, I went the way of short-term guessin’ like those “inquiring minds” like to do in late December. Couple that with PhiloDave’s magical post from last Saturday and thus this Lounge-iversary post.

Go on, take a guess and check back from time to time.

Next Up!

It’s Registration Week people!

Post the day/time you think we’ll run out of classes and stop enrolling students.

The person whose guess is closest (and posted before 5pm on Tuesday) will win a prize (don’t get your hopes up). To give a hint of how busy it’s been, as of 10pm tonight, there are only 32 seats left in HW philosophy classes (only three of 14 sections of philosophy classes have any seats, and two of those have less than five available). 32 out of 52 English 101 sections are already closed (and many of the remaining are close to closed).

My vote is Wednesday@3:42pm.

Also, post your funny stories from the registration room. Lying Hyperbolizing encouraged!