NFL 2012 – Official invite

Kind reminder. First game is this Wednesday (can you believe it?)!

The Official Harold Lounge NFL Office Pool is set for the 2012-13 season. You are invited to join this season’s pool by clicking on the link below:

Pool name: HL2012

Password is the same as the pool name.

Per last year’s rules, the person with the most points at the end of the regular season wins bragging rights. That is the ultimate prize, is it not?

You in, CASTman? I’m sure junior can whip PhiloDave this year.

Where’s Jenny? It ain’t college ball, I know, but it beats sittin’ around waiting for March.

Cinderfella? Care to participate?

Are you in Don? Ya done good in March. Care to see how you do come January?

Where’s that union grievance chair? (Sorry, we can’t grieve the outcome of the vote.)

That other philopeep? Does natural selection determine the winner?

Who’d I furget? Remember, if you are required to live in the city due to your employment status, then you are free to participate. No, you don’t have to pick the Bears every week.

Just don’t pick them Packers to go undefeated ’cause it ain’t happenin’. Yup, heard it here first.