HWCFC’s 411;)

Hi All,

I have some items of interest to report, gleaned from communications from District, the 11th floor and from other faculty and staff. There are many things being discussed but these are some highlights. If you know something which should be highlighted, let me know!

  • Reinvention 7
  • Federal Financial Aid Restrictions
  • New Hires for Fall 2013
  • Class time Audit
  • Copier/printer issues

For specifics, read on!


Faculty Council Corner: Safety/Security Feedback Reminder

Just a reminder that the Faculty Council and Chairs are having a meeting on TODAY (Thursday afternoon) with the President and Vice Chancellor of Safety and Security and other luminaries to discuss the proposed changes to the college lobby and state of security at the college. The security survey is now closed, and the results are in.

Some of the findings:

~66% of the faculty responding said that the environment at HWC was pretty safe, but could be better; 24% said HWC is a very safe environment;

~68% (59 out of 87) of  faculty did not know know the number for calling security. 56 left it blank and three had the wrong number;

~Hallways and classrooms were identified as the locations of most incidents of endangering or threatening incidents;

There’s much more, and I was planning to post it here, but I have a sneaking suspicion that certain someones would rather that didn’t happen, so I’m going to seek the green light first. If I don’t get it, we’ll try an all faculty email distribution instead. If I do get it, we’ll do both (here and email).

Most importantly for the moment, though, is your commentary on the proposed Swipe entry system. Any feedback you have on the topics can be added to the post  that was up all last week or sent by email to your Chair or a Faculty Council Rep or Don.

(Additional Update: Immediately following this afternoon’s meeting will be the Unofficial Holiday Faculty gathering and festivus (at the Emerald Lounge around the corner from HWC) organized by Faculty Council member and Social Chair, Jenny Armendarez. Be there or be talked about!)