Chicago Studies: Mies

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is the father of Modernism in Chicago Architecture.

Take a look at this quick video to see how influential he was, and continues to be, in our city and suburbs.

I spent 5 years on the campus of IIT. I took classes in several building and completed my Architecture degree in Crown Hall. I was impressed with the building from day one.
There is an affection for the details of his buildings, as the video clip demonstrates. For Mies, God was in the detail of the design, and it was all about how the materials came together to create simple forms. He was all about the reduction, or minimalism, of architecture to create elegant structures.

The First Chicago School of Architecture gave the city the steel cage and covered it with stone, or brick, or terra cotta. This had everything to do with the horrors of the Great Chicago Fire and the desire to avoid it again at all costs.
Mies, appropriately identified as the architect of the Second Chicago School of Architecture, removed these materials and glorified the steel cage; literally giving rise to the modern architecture movement in Chicago.

I write this so you have an opportunity to appreciate the video and don’t assume, like some critics, that he only built ugly black boxes. Look at it this way, what Burnham and his White City was to our past, is what Mies and his black beauties are to our present.

Transfer Event Info: IIT Edition

From our fabulous Transfer Coordinator, Ellen Goldberg:

Hello Fabulous Colleagues, I need your help to spread the word!

On Wednesday, September 21 (Next Wednesday!) from 4:00-5:00 in room 102, the Illinois Institute of Technology will be holding an Information Session for interested students! Please note that in addition to IIT having STEM Majors (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), they also have Sociology, Psychology, Business, Social Sciences, and Secondary Education-Math.

Then, on Friday, September 30 from 10 a.m. -2 p.m., we will have a campus visit.Students will meet at the Office of Undergraduate Admission, located in Perlstein Hall, Room 101, on the northwest corner of State and 33rd Streets. They are really rolling out the red carpet to include an Admission Presentation, a tour by students of the campus, and also a lunch with HWC Alums who transferred to IIT. I would like students to RSVP to me at by September 21.

IIT offers the coveted Presidential Scholarship. You can read about it here.  IIT will give money to ALL students including International Students! 🙂

Thanks so much for sharing this information with your students! I appreciate it! 🙂

Please announce it to your classes today and tomorrow!