FC4 Elections

Just in case you missed it, the FC4 Election results came in on the Friday before break. From HWFC President Rosie Banks’ email:

Thank you for your participation in our election of HWC representatives to FC4!  With 62% of the Full-Time Faculty participating, the vote total is:

Tom Higgins – 50

Ellen Eason-Montgomery – 48

Kennette Crockett – 27

Congratulations to Tom and Ellen!  According to the FC4 Constitution, they will serve two year terms, alongside Theresa Carlton.   Their terms will begin in September, 2011.

And thanks to our outgoing FC4 Representative, Nicole Smith (Business) for her two years of service.

From Your (Local) FC President

Amanda Loos sent this in an email last week. Just in case you don’t read your email…

Hello Everyone –

Please mark your calendars for the regular monthly meetings of HWC Faculty Council, typically the second Tuesday of every month.  We have a lot to talk about!  Everyone is always welcome; if you would like to be placed on the agenda to discuss an issue under FC’s purview, please just let me – or another FC member – know.

All meetings are at 3:30(ish)p.m. and will be held in the new CAST Faculty Lounge in Rm 1046!
Tues 9/14
Tues 10/12
Tues 11/9
Tues 12/7

Stay tuned for news about an FC-hosted Follow-Up Forum to discuss, clarify, respond, debate, plan, and organize…after last week’s visit from Chancellor Hyman.  Also, start thinking about your nominations for 2 new members of local Faculty Council – elections will be held in October!  And remember to stop by the Lounge for all things hot and happening! www.haroldlounge.com

Yours Truly,

Rosie Banks, Vice Pres
Dave Richardson, Secretary
Domenico Ferri
Christopher Sabino
Kamilah Sanders
Matt Shevitz
District-Wide Faculty Council Representatives: Nicole Smith, Theresa Carlton, Ellen Eason-Montgomery, Chris Sabino

Research on Studying

UPTDATED: Now with the LINK! (Sorry about that…)

I know that this was linked to last week in one of the CCC Press emails, and I know it’s been on top of the NY Times articles all week (and so a lot of people have probably already read it), and I know I’ve been linking a lot of NY Times stuff lately, but STILL…it’s really good.

From the article:

In recent years, cognitive scientists have shown that a few simple techniques can reliably improve what matters most: how much a student learns from studying.The findings can help anyone, from a fourth grader doing long division to a retiree taking on a new language. But they directly contradict much of the common wisdom about good study habits, and they have not caught on.

There’s good stuff here. Worth reading.