Did You See It?

A story on Inside Higher Ed about CCC was their third most viewed story this week. I found it through the Truman Lounge link, which reader/contributor Chris was kind enough to forward along to me by email.

Here’s the lede:

If low graduation and student transfer rates at City Colleges of Chicago don’t start improving, the system’s leaders could lose their jobs. That’s because the formal job responsibilities of the chancellor, presidents and even trustees include graduation rate goals.

The focus kind of shifts from there to Reinvention and yet more flaunting of teeth-grinding inducing statistics (though the author provides more context for them than any of our local “journalists”/press-release dictation specialists have over the last year), plus comments from Polly Hoover, and other stuff.

It’s worth reading. Check it out HERE.

h/t to Truman Lounge and Chris.

Chronicle Feature on Chancellor Hyman

So, have you read the big article, yet?

It’s hidden behind a pay wall when I’m on my home computers, but I can read it on campus (so I guess we have an institutional subscription, after all, eh?).

I was talking to a person about it the other day who had a very different impression of it than I did. She thought that it came across as pretty balanced but highlighting some negatives about the Chancellor, whereas I thought the article portrayed the Chancellor and the administration in a much more favorable light than it did the faculty.

How did you read it?