Highlights from the Board Report–September 2010

Highlights from the Board Report is a monthly regular feature that highlights what one person finds to be important from the most recent Board Report. We read it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

The September Board Report is out, and CCC bought something. A big thing, too.

We bought the Harold Washington Cultural Center (located at 4701 South King Drive) out of foreclosure for $1.78 Million or so. I say, “or so” because CCC is buying the original promisory note, upon which the city (and presumably other creditors) have multiple liens. The Board clearly expects that the City will cancel their liens (and they will then pay off or negotiate any others) and become the owners free and clear (or something like that–it’s probably much more complicated than I just explained here, judging by the Sun Times article on the topic).

Why, you might ask? Because “the Board determined that it has the potential to become leading educational, entertainment and cultural arts venue and would be a valuable asset to CCC.”

Also, news for the moms out there from the HR minutes:  “There is a new federal regulation entitled Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which legally requires the district to afford nursing mothers break time and private space to express milk for up to one year after the birth of a child. Guidelines were drafted by the EEO officer and sent to the colleges to ensure the district is in compliance with the new regulation.” I don’t know if HW is in compliance yet, but we should be soon.

The Student Policy Manual was updated. “Foundational Studies” replaced pre-credit, for example, along with a few other minor changes. One big addition was to the Non-Discrimination Policy, wherein several new categories of protected classes were added: “sexual orientation, transgender, genetic predisposition, and carrier status.”

The Board also approved a two year partnership with Year Up.

Not much excitement in the Personnel report this month, except that former District Wide Faculty Council President Keith McCoy was sent from his new spot at the District Office over to Daley to be their V.P.

If you see anything else interesting that I missed, post it in the comments below.