12 Days of [Christmas songs before] Christmas

The 12 Days of [Christmas songs before] Christmas is a semester break special borrowing from the traditional 12 Days of Christmas (that occur after December 25th). The point is to get you into the spirit of the season by recommending one song per day leading up to Christmas. Members of Camp Realist couldn’t decide whether to go iconic, popular, memorable, or classic. So we narrowed the list down to a bit of each.
Comments are always welcomed.  If you have a better version of the song, let me know. Do enjoy and sing along if you’d like! Or if any special memory is associated with the song, feel free to leave a reply.

12 Days before Christmas:

Camp Realist couldn’t think of a better song to get the 12 days started. We couldn’t think of a better version either. It seems like every year we can’t start trimming the tree unless this tune is ready to go. Perhaps the CD version of this song is slightly better with the subtle humor you don’t get in this version (heck, all the songs on the CD are a must have for the holiday!), but only the Muppets can pull this one off with their wit.  More tunes to follow! 11 more to be exact.