Election Day

I don’t know about you, but the part of voting that always gives me trouble is the part about the judges. Seems like the most important part to get right and it’s the part I’m often least prepared for.

Luckily, the Chicago Bar Association prints up a handy list of recommendations that you can bring into the booth with you.

And, just in case you want to know a little more, here is a Tribune article about a few of the judges that they’re saying should not be allowed to stay on the bench.


Diversity and Justice

In early February, the American Bar Association Journal reported on a pair of studies presented at the ABA mid year meeting, that suggest a “judge’s race or gender makes for a dramatic difference in the outcome of cases they hear—at least for cases in which race and gender allegedly play a role in the conduct of the parties.”

Check out the article here, where you can find the links to the studies (or you can get them by going here and here).

I found this while checking out a feminism-related blog called Shakesville, originally known as Shakespeare’s Sister, which was named for they Virginia Woolf’s thought experiment discussed in A Room of One’s Own. I included that part because I know at least one English class is reading Woolf’s book; I saw a student on the elevator with it and asked. She said, “I am loving it.”  Just thought I’d throw that in.)