First it was Angela Henderson.

Now it’s Kojo.

His blog is down, or rather, in private mode, or protected. Whatever that means.

We hardly knew you, Provost Quarterly. You’d think he would have at least taken the liberty of sayin’ good-bye via his blog, right? Then again, was he at liberty to say anything? Wonder if some lawyers put the duct tape on his digital mouth.

Try doin’ a directory search of his name, and you draw a blank. Wow!, when District puts their collective efforts to get something done, they sure know what people to bring in and what buttons to push. If only they could attack the procurement process with the same zeal and expediency, we wouldn’t doubt their collective abilities to be productive and/or effective.

Was this District’s way of givin’ me an incentive to attend FDW so’s I’ll be so intrigued about who our future Provost will be?? Who knows. And that’s the biggest shame of them all. We are a public institution and yet we, the taxpayers, who pay our own salaries and every single one of those employed at District, will never know or be informed about why  folks come and go. Darn shame.