Union stuff: I gots a [legal] proposition

It’s my understanding there was an HWC union meeting today. If so can somepeep please, pleeeeeeeease, give a quick reply and confirm that some union leader spoke to some union members? Norma Rae gettin’ a little upset with all the talk, and no words, or minutes.

Tell ya what union leaders, make ya a deal (no, not that kinda corrupt deal). See, I’m postin’ the followin’ video link:
Labor Beat: HWC Community Roundtable on Reinvention.

In turn, perhaps you can post today’s agenda, or a quick summary of the meeting or perhaps, oh, I don’t know… minutes?

If ya can’t post minutes, then add me to the email list of union members so I know you kept your end of the agreement. Here’s my non-ccc email address: chicagorealist@yahoo.com


Union Update

Hi all,

Our union leadership would like you to be aware of the following:

Thursday, August 18, 2p.m.-3p.m. in room 1001.  Perry Buckley will
come talk about pensions.  I will provide pizza and sodas.  If you are
attending, please let me know by Tuesday, August 16.

Also, mark your calendars for these dates.

Thursday, September 8 2p.m.-4:30p.m.  Welcome Union Meeting for New
Members and General Meeting
Thursday, September 22, 2p.m.-4:30p.m.  General Union Meeting
Thursday, October 20, 2p.m.-4:30p.m.  General Union Meeting
Thursday, November 17, 2p.m.-4:30p.m. General Union Meeting
In December, we will have a Christmas party in place of a meeting.

You will note the time change.  I am reserving the last hour for
questions and concerns you have and/or a Contract educational.

I’ll be posting information as requested by Jesu.

Who put the U in Union?

Curiosity killed the cat, but it gots me some information I’d like to share. Picking up on last week’s craving for union news, I found the following on our Local 1600 website:

1. Per PhiloDave’s comments, in the category of Endorsements, I was left scratchin’ my head wonderin’ why there wasn’t a mayoral endorsement. Not sure why the “Endorsement Squads” didn’t have a more complete list. We had more than enough time to reach a consensus, right? Oh well, too late now…

2. In the category of Executive Board Meeting news, I continued to scratch my head (right around my ear) wonderin’ how the following news didn’t make it downhill like an out of control snowball in the middle of a February snowstorm:

“…chapter leaders announced that they would be retiring from office at the Feb. 18 meeting: Phil Stucky at Harold Washington Chapter, Maria Estrada to accept the leadership…”

I have nothin’ but love for our current union reps, but can someone ‘xplain to me if the above is proper union protocol?

Remind me again, are we having union elections this semester, or am I still on that LSD blizzard-bound bus to nowhere?