Highlights from the March Board Report

Highlights from the Board Report is a monthly regular feature that highlights what one person finds to be important from the most recent Board Report. We read it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

The March report is up; congratulations to Chairperson Woolf on the completion of her inaugural Board meeting as the gran formagi!

~No reports from HR and Academic Affairs, but there was some stuff about money.

~The policy on facilities use (which was a part of/at the root of/led to some complications (depending on your interpretation of things) last fall) has been clarified a bit (with respect to inside/outside groups and priorities and the rest). I’m particularly interested in this:

“-The service and consumption of alcoholic beverages on City Colleges of Chicago Campus property is prohibited, unless served by a properly licensed caterer with the State and/or City required liquor liability (dramshop) insurance” (emphasis mine).

~There were changes made to the academic policy, too–notably in regard to graduation eligibility (via the elimination of the home campus requirement and the promised enforcement of the diversity appreciation requirement for all of our degrees. There were some other changes, too. Check it out.

~On the personnel front, there were 11 new hires at the DO (recession, schmeesession!) including two new Associate Vice Chancellors, one of whom is a replacement for a former Vice Chancellor (of Development) who was moved over into a different Vice Chancellorship (of Athletics). That means that in addition to the Chancellor and Board members and their Chief Advisor, we now, officially, have 11 chiefs of this or that and Vice Chancellors, a Provost, a General Counsel, an Inspector General, 7 college Presidents, somewhere between 9and 81 Associate Vice Chancellors, approximately 37 (give or take 20) Directors, at least 20% of which are executive directors, and a bevy of managers. The numbers are, admittedly, a little fuzzy in spots. I’ll do a tighter count when next year’s budget comes out. Ahem. Onward. It seems that we lost Workforce Development VP Christopher Wilkerson (we hardly knew ye…did we?), and Tom Higgins has, apparently spent his sabbatical working on time travel, as indicated by his special assignment which reads “Start date from 07/30/2012 to 05/14/2012 and end date from 08/10/2012 to 05/25/2012”, which is awesome.

~Our Phy Sci people are ringing the register again (congrats to all!).

~Who uses a travel agent these days? We do, I guess!

~We hired somebody to make sure that we’re getting our share of the Tax Ripoff Increment Financing law. Hey, it’s on the books, might as well use it, I guess. (Of course, there’s this to consider…)

~Limegreen gets some more love, in the form of up to 60 G’s to manage Graduation–should be awesome!

~Plus (up to) 80K to UIC for the use of the Pavilion…wait a minute…60 plus 80…that’s a Vice Chancellor! What if we hired an Associate VC of Graduation for $100,000 and then split the other $40,000 between the seven colleges? Just brainstorming here…any other good ideas?

~They approved a contract for two years of temp staffing…think they’re planning on not having administrative assistants for a spell? Luckily for us the contract didn’t say anything about temporary faculty. Yet.

~Daley and Olive Harvey get theater renovations.

~Contracts for what bugs ya.

~The Presidents and Chancellor agreed on some other things.

~Polly Hoover addressed the board about some curricular issues, especially the stuff going on with CPS.

If you think I missed anything (or mis-stated anything), please post your ideas in the comments.



Women’s History Month

Welcome to March, everyone.

Ivan Tejeda sent along this Women’s History Timeline, and I thought I’d share it with anyone who might want to make use.

He writes:

It’s probably for younger students, but still worth a look. Other links on this site are also of interest. If anything, it gives our students a starting point or point of reference in their Women’s Studies.

And justice for all. Thanks, Ivan!

Highlights from the Board Report–March

Highlights from the Board Report is a monthly regular feature that highlights what one person finds to be important from the most recent Board Report. We read it so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

Highlights from the meeting dated March 4, 1010.

1. I think they may be onto us. This report was rather skimpy. There were none of the usual links to Human Resources and Academic Affairs reports and the like. All they have up there is a link to a notice about raising tuition and the resolution to hire our new Chancellor (and then the usual hirings, overtime assignments, etc.). I don’t know whether to be pleased at the brevity required for researching this post or troubled. I shall temporarily adopt the former position. Mostly because I’m all jacked up on Nyquil and in no condition to do any thinking.

2. Tuition is going up. Current tuition is $79 a credit hour. Next fiscal year, starting Summer 2010, the number will be $87 per credit hour, going up to $89 per credit hour the following year. The prices go up for precredit (half the credit rates) and continuing and vocational education as well (same as credit).  Fees are up, too: Registration goes up $5 (to $30), Activity fee goes up $20 (to $170) for ft regular term starting this fall, and in 2011 the summer activity fee goes up $10 (to $85). No change for PT students. CDL fees go up $5 to $45 per course this summer, and another $5 to $50 per course starting in the summer of 2011. I’m personally quite amazed that the activity fee is going up another $20. I haven’t heard any students complain that the SGA or clubs are short of money. $20 per student per semester is an awful lot of scratch when my understanding is that most of it goes to SGA and clubs who have a hard time spending what they’ve got now. I’m no accountant, but I don’t know how that helps. Maybe somebody out there does?

2. Cheryl Hyman is our new Chancellor. Welcome aboard (stifles yawn…old news).

3. HR News: Inggrid Yonata of the President’s Office was hired to a position of “Coordinator,” promoting her from Temporary Support Staff. I don’ t know what it means, but she’s great and I’m sure whatever it is she’s coordinating will be more than adequately coordinated. Love to see great people get gigs here.

4. No resignations or terminations. Not really anything else to report. There is something about a change to the Policy Manual in regard to Graduation Gradepoint, but there’s no link so I don’ t know what it is. Maybe you know?

5. The meeting was mercifully adjourned.