Monday Music

Thanks, Realist, for a fun week–the Star Wars version was particularly memorable, even if it almost put me into a seizure with all the fast cuts…I’m too old.
Anyway, I got a lot of grading done, and we thank you.

In the spirit of Midterm Mania, I offer you this because, as awesome as the original is (and the whole world says it’s awesome), a Monday morning mashup of South Korean pop music and Byzantine fresco is just too delicious to keep to myself.

Summer Reading or Publishing the Exquisite Corpse

Check this out–I think I just got my May reading list–from the New York Times Sunday Book Review, an article called “Text Without Context” reviews a collection of books about a new phenomenon (or an old one in new clothes):

THESE NEW BOOKS share a concern with how digital media are reshaping our political and social landscape, molding art and entertainment, even affecting the methodology of scholarship and research. They examine the consequences of the fragmentation of data that the Web produces, as news articles, novels and record albums are broken down into bits and bytes; the growing emphasis on immediacy and real-time responses; the rising tide of data and information that permeates our lives; and the emphasis that blogging and partisan political Web sites place on subjectivity.

Is it the death of art or the beginning? I guess Hip-Hop sampling didn’t kill music, so maybe old-fashioned story telling still has a chance