Think, Know, Prove: Merit Pay–Some Considerations

Think, Know, Prove is an occasional Friday feature, where a topic with both mystery and importance is posted for community discussion. The title is a shortened version of the Investigative Mantra: What do we think, what do we know, what can we prove? and everything from wild speculation to resource referencing fact is welcome here.

Our current contract went into effect on July 16, 2013 and includes a little provision in Article VI, Section C, as you might recall, called “Student Success Pay.” This was, shall we say, a controversial aspect of the contract. Our Union leadership at the time made the case that we should like it because, “Hey, free money!” (I’m paraphrasing). And now, one month short of halfway through our contract, I’m not sure that anyone is any closer to understanding this provision than when it was proposed. Two important considerations jump out–one is principle and one is practical. We’ll take the easier of the two first.


Bogus “Research” in the SunTimes

Stuff like this from yesterday’s SunTimes makes me absolutely bananas. Passing off what they did here as any sort of “finding” from a comparison of databases is so monumentally stoopid that it makes me growl and shuffle while uttering incoherent combinations of expletives.

It is a kind of parlor game it is not without danger. Thankfully, the paper is hardly an opinion maker these days. Mercy.