Union stuff: I gots a [legal] proposition

It’s my understanding there was an HWC union meeting today. If so can somepeep please, pleeeeeeeease, give a quick reply and confirm that some union leader spoke to some union members? Norma Rae gettin’ a little upset with all the talk, and no words, or minutes.

Tell ya what union leaders, make ya a deal (no, not that kinda corrupt deal). See, I’m postin’ the followin’ video link:
Labor Beat: HWC Community Roundtable on Reinvention.

In turn, perhaps you can post today’s agenda, or a quick summary of the meeting or perhaps, oh, I don’t know… minutes?

If ya can’t post minutes, then add me to the email list of union members so I know you kept your end of the agreement. Here’s my non-ccc email address: chicagorealist@yahoo.com