This Is the Smartest Writing about Pop Music I’ve Ever Read

And not only that, but it is stone cold AWEsome:

So far, I’m not quite old enough to entertain any worries about the youth of the nation or the deficiencies of their character. Plenty of today’s young adults actually strike me as irritatingly great: Growing up with the Internet means they knew by age 10 what I learned last week, and a lot of them seem awfully bold and brave about asserting themselves all over everyone.

My opinion might be in the minority. Lately, the conventional wisdom is that young people think far too much of themselves—they’re coddled little zeppelins of ego in desperate need of shooting down. The cover of July’s Atlantic is emblazoned with the headline how THE CULT OF SELF-ESTEEM IS RUINING OUR KIDS; inside, quotes from psychologist Jean M. Twenge explain how we’re producing generations of feckless narcissists.

The evidence? Their music, of course (isn’t it always the music?). Which sets the author, Nitsuh Abebe, off and running on a spectacular defense of the current pop scene.

Read the whole thing HERE. It’s dazzling.