Clickers Uber Alles

I can certainly see the appeal

Every student in Mr. White’s class has been assigned a palm-size, wireless device that looks like a TV remote but has a far less entertaining purpose. With their clickers in hand, the students in Mr. White’s class automatically clock in as “present” as they walk into class.

They then use the numbered buttons on the devices to answer multiple-choice quizzes that count for nearly 20 percent of their grade, and that always begin precisely one minute into class. Later, with a click, they can signal to their teacher without raising a hand that they are confused by the day’s lesson.

Lots of costs though, too, and only some are financial. I vote no to clickers. What do you think of them?

Literature and Evolutionary Psychology

Did you see this article over the break on some new kinds of Literary Criticism informed by cutting edge brain research (Provocatively titled: “The Next Big Thing in English”)?

Well, if you did or didn’t, you might be interested in a series of responses to the article (featuring the work of an author, an editor, and four faculty members from various sorts of institutions (no community college people, though–boo).

Check out the responses by clicking here.