Fun Stuff

~Armen sent this link to an artist’s Web site featuring Underwater Sculpture. Very cool stuff.

~Farrokh Asadi (Biology) has a new project going with his theatre company (The Epic Players)–he’s adapting and directing Bertolt Brecht’s Fear and Misery of the Third Reich. The show will run in the last weekend of September and first weekend in October. I’m sure he’d take any help you can offer in spreading the word on Facebook or elsewhere.

~My sister sent this to me a while ago: the history of rock and roll in 100 guitar riffs played in one take.

(Here’s the back story. He’s from Chicago!)

~McKayla is not impressed, though.

~But she would be if she went to Andy’s on any of the next three Tuesday nights (including tonight!) to see Matt Shevitz blow his horn from 5 to 8:30 for a mere finsky ($5). Check him out. It’s a short walk from the college, just across the river…