How About Our New School Color(s)?

Jokes I’ve heard from students (in hallways and classes):

~”The D.O.C. must have had some extra t-shirts lying around.”

~”Nothing says ‘college’ in my neighborhood like ‘jumpsuit orange.'”

~”Maybe Harold Washington College students are getting lost a lot on their way to school and they wanted to put them in something so people can spot them and send them in the right direction.”

The above notwithstanding, I am personally a fan of “Blaze Orange” (it usually means that I’m in the woods or headed there and it makes me feel safe once there; you have to see it a half a mile or more away through trees to really appreciate the visibility that it affords), but I am puzzled as to how it ended up being attached to us.

Does anybody know the process?

Has anybody asked their students what they think of it?

Regardless, I look forward to blaze orange stationary, drapery, carpeting maybe? Maybe a glowing orange statue of Harold out in front of the school? Art department–get on that!


Data, Analytics, and Related Issues have been all over the news (or at least The Times, lately. Here’s some stuff you might want to check out:

~Apparently, Data Driven decision making improves productivity for companies (NY Times).

~U of C Economist Gary Thaler, co-author of Nudge (a great book for provoking thought about your teaching), argues that companies should provide consumers with the data collections they have on us (and I can’t decide if it would be cool or creepy to see all of that–maybe ignorance is a kind of bliss?–NY Times).

~Alina Tugina warns against the seduction of quantification and the illusions that numberical rankings can create (NY Times).

All three are worth reading, but don’t forget about their monthly limit, so you might want to access them through the library’s database if you aren’t a subscriber.