Our Days Are Numbered: Stats Errors

Our Days Are Numbered is a (new) regular feature with posts about mathematics related topics. Why? Because our students, in general, struggle with math, and if we all know more, perhaps they will learn more.

I’ve been waiting awhile for the paperback of Charles Wheelan’s Naked Statistics. It looked like a great primer on the subject, but it kills me to buy hardcovers and (unfortunately) due to the rise in ebooks, it seems to be taking longer and longer for books to get published in paperback. Anyway, I’m off topic, already.

This adaptation from his book focuses on five ways to make mistakes (intentional or not) using statistics, and gives a nice primer for some related inductive reasoning errors related to causation, but all presented in snappy, easy to read prose with great examples. If you’ve never taken Statistics (or it’s been a long time), you might find it helpful.