Adjunct News

I thought THIS was both a really great idea and really great news:

The problem is how to know for sure how much compensation and benefits adjuncts receive at any given institution, particularly those that don’t have a union-negotiated contract. And even then, there are often complex formulas and other numbers that come into play, making it hard to know how much an “average” adjunct takes home per 3-credit course. Numbers that are widely circulated by the universities or other organizations representing the universities aren’t much better at presenting an accurate picture of adjunct compensation. How do we, then, as adjuncts get the word out that we are, on average, very poorly compensated, but that there are also standout institutions that do compensate adjuncts fairly?

Enter Josh. In a post that has gone “viral” (or at least as viral as you can go in academic circles), Josh created a Google spreadsheet that anyone can contribute to with the goal of collecting as much information as possible on the working conditions of adjunct faculty at institutions across the country…

This is social media at its best.

Love it. Well worth checking out.